From the desk of...

...Well, Gene was great. He was very open to my publishing the complete charts as well as individual parts. That is when the hassle of licensing for print raised its ugly head. The reason for that is that virtually all of the popular “standards” that have been written over the past 90 years or so are controlled by only a few large firms, usually publishers (there’s the rub). So, in order for me to print anything that was a “standard” (like Yesterdays, Stella By Starlight, I Remember You, etc., etc.), I would need a Print License. I had a lot to learn about THAT part of the business.

Just in closing for now, I thought I would share a picture from 1972 when we were all traveling together that summer, preparing to record the National Anthems album.

(PICTURE Stan Kenton, Darlene Curnow, Hank Levy, Jenny Ladd and the "hairy" me).

BTW, I have been receiving a bunch of wonderful responses from folks who seem to be enjoying this. I appreciate every one of them. I guess I’ll have to keep doing this for a while.
See you all next month!