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All About Ronnie - arr. Bill Russo
Exactly as recorded by Chris Conner with the Stan Kenton Orchestra, this moody, brilliant arrangement is a perfect vehicle for your vocalist. The key is F major.  The way the band supports the singer and then takes over for a short, lovely ensemble section is absolutely gorgeous. There are also extra parts which allow the featuring of others (C, Eb, Bb, etc.)   5-5-5-3 plus soloist

Our Price: $52.00
Day Dream - arr. Lennie Niehaus
As recorded by the Stan Kenton Orchestra and Jean Turner,  this is a superb Ellington ballad that will make you want to hear it over and over again. The lyrics and the orchestration are exceptional.  This is a great vehicle for your female or male vocalist, arranged by the best!   5-5-5-3  and vocal or other soloist

Our Price: $49.00
I Remember You - arr. Lennie Niehaus
Here is a wonderful vocal chart by Lennie on this unforgettable standard. The setting is a ballad, with a rubato section in the middle. Jean Turner performed this for years with the Stan Kenton Band.  The chart is written in the key of Eb and could be a feature for male or female vocalist or any other instrument (parts provided). This is very easy for the band to play. A real crowd-pleaser, and a great change-of-pace.

Our Price: $52.00
I'll Be Seeing You - arr. Bob Curnow
This was originally arranged as a vocal chart and has been published to also feature vocal or any one of a number of soloists (your choice).  It is a lush ballad, full of rich, warm textures of the trombone section and saxophones.  There is also a harmon-muted trumpet solo behind the gorgeous trombone soli on the second chorus.  This is the melody that is so very much loved most people, and it makes a great program choice.  5-4-4-4

Our Price: $47.00
Lot of Livin' To Do - arr. Bill Holman
As recorded by the Stan Kenton Orchestra and Jean Turner,  this chart used to be Jean's opener when she sang with the Kenton Band.  Holman sets the mood right from the top, and things swing on from there.  This is a wonderful vocal chart for either female or male vocalist.  It's a happy, up-beat way for your vocalist to get out there in front on the big band.  5-5-5-3 and vocal

Our Price: $52.00
Misty - arr. Gene Roland
This was recorded by the Stan Kenton Orchestra on "Adventures in Jazz." The solo may be played with any one of various instruments, or this could be used as a vocal chart.  It was originally played by Ray Starling on mellophonium.  A gorgeous ballad with an equally beautiful arrangement. 5-5-5-3

Our Price: $47.00
September Song - arr. Stan Kenton
The Kenton Band had many hits over the years, and a couple of them involved the whole band singing. This was one of those charts. Now, if your band isn't into singing (maybe they should be), then this is the perfect vehicle for your vocalist. Pitched in Ab. Trumpets get a breather and the trombones and saxophones shine as section. A wonderfully relaxing, lush chart. 5-5-5-3

Our Price: $32.00
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