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Artistry Jumps - Stan Kenton
Retail Price: $55.00

 Exactly as recorded on the Kenton / Capitol Retrospective CD (and the original Milestones LP).
Close To Home - Lyle Mays / arr. Bob Curnow
Retail Price: $55.00

 Here is a deeply emotional, gorgeous ballad from the self-titled album Lyle Mays.
Cross Currents - Ellen Rowe
Retail Price: $50.00

 What a wonderful jazz chart! The theme is stated with a bossa nova feel by tenor and flugelhorn, followed by exciting ensemble sections (highest trpt.
If I Could (Pro) - Pat Metheny / arr. Curnow
Retail Price: $55.00

 Pat plays this at just about every concert of the Group.
In Her Family - Pat Metheny / arr. Curnow
Retail Price: $50.00

 This is one of Pat's most haunting, pensive and beautiful ballads.
Interlude - Pete Rugolo
Retail Price: $45.00

Recorded in 1947 and included in the Milestones LP, this piece is a gorgeous melody (one of Pete's best known).
It's Just You and Me - Fred Stride
Retail Price: $45.00

 Fred Stride adds to his expanding series a great, slow-swinging original that is playable by most any band.
Letter From Home (edited v.) - Pat Metheny / arr. Curnow
Retail Price: $45.00

 This arrangement does not include brass or drums.
Letter from Home (Pro) - Pat Metheny / arr. Curnow
Retail Price: $50.00

 Metheny's ballads are beautiful and haunting.
Promise of Dreams - Bob Curnow
Retail Price: $50.00

 This piece has been in the catalog for a while, but it has been totally recomposed and notated in Finale.