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'Til This Day
Retail Price: $45.00

An impressive rock power ballad that features a combo of tenor sax, trumpet, trombone and guitar.  huge dynamic changes increase the impact of this outstanding chart and it includes a open solo section for the soloists of your choice.  Excellent choice fo
12th Street and Vine
Retail Price: $50.00

A really groovin’ rock shuffle which more than cooks. Solid and forceful, your students will love the big sound they produce from this excellent chart. “12th Street & Vine” will become one of your favorite charts from the very first note. Another excellen
2 Hip 2 B Blues
Retail Price: $47.00

Extended blues form shifts from a Swing Shuffle to a Funk bridge then back again. Optional lead trumpet notes save chops but won't take the energy away from this chart.
205 Swing Street
Retail Price: $38.00

A classic swing chart for young bands and very playable, even with limited instrumentation. This Ken Harris chart is a perfect way to build confidence in your youngest of players, and have them sounding like the pros in no time! VERY NICE!
23rd Street Moped Traffic Jam
Retail Price: $36.00

A unique rock tune with a big solid sound for mid-level bands by Les Aldrich. Powerful ensemble sections rule the day in this appealing chart. Lots of performance possibilities and it’s playable with limited instrumentation.
5.4 On the Richter Scale
Retail Price: $48.00

5.4 On The Richter Scale is an upbeat modern-sounding swing chart that really cooks!  Hip 5/4 blues sections are contrasted with a straight ahead swingin’ 4/4 blues, which gives this chart its unique appeal.  Plenty of opportunity for your soloists to imp
A Band's Gotta Do What A Band's Gotta Do!
Retail Price: $48.00

Just like John Wayne said, "A bands gotta do what a bands gotta do" and your band will have lots of fun doing it with this great mid-level chart in the happy, swinging Basie tradition. Following the opening piano solo (written), everybody plays the unison
A Bari Cool Chart!
Retail Price: $48.00

Showcase your bari sax player with this solid sounding swinger from the pen of Andy Clark. The spotlight is on the bari and the tasteful background parts for the band provide a comfortable setting to allow your bari soloist to really cook!  Includes an op
A Bit Of
Retail Price: $13.00

A Blues to Blow On
Retail Price: $40.00

An effective and painless way to get some improvisation going on in your young jazz band. This easy-to-play blues chart will make your kids want to solo and is playable with limited instrumentation.
A Child Is Born
Retail Price: $50.00

Thad Jones’ most popular and unforgettable composition will provide your students with a great ballad performance experience.  Mike Carubia’s tasteful arrangement captures all of the charm of the original without the difficulty, and features a written pia
A Christmas Fantasy for Jazz Band
Retail Price: $45.00

Based upon What Child Is This and O Come, O Come Emmanuel this creative arrangement will make a wonderful addition to your holiday concerts. With very few exceptions the horn parts amazingly never play anything more complicated than quarter notes and the
A Chunk Of Funk
Retail Price: $45.00

Turn your rhythm section loose on this great "down and dirty" funk chart.  A funky riff by trombone, bari sax, bass and "crunchy" guitar sets the energy level for the tune and it's all up hill from there.  Solo section opens up for unlimited possibilities
A Distant World
Retail Price: $38.00

Outstanding rock ballad for younger bands, full lush sound perfect for developing bands. Excellent harmonic writing and wide dymanic contrast gives a mature sound. VERY TASTY!
A Gentle Touch
Retail Price: $45.00

This is one very cool and tasty ballad. After a short 4 bar piano intro, the melody is played by a quartet made up of your strongest players - trumpet, alto, tenor and trombone. The whole Band joins in for some great ensemble work (trumpets never leave th
A Great Big Grin
Retail Price: $24.50

A very hip Samba by one of the master of Jazz compositions. This Paul Clark original will leave your audiences with ‘A Great Big Grin’ after they hear it. Fun for all!
A Little Reverb
Retail Price: $42.00

Straight ahead Basie style swing chart with many performance oppurtunities and a section for repeated solos. This is simply one of the best Bob Lowden charts in our catalog.
A Long Time Ago
Retail Price: $50.00

A fantastic ballad featuring tenor, and one of the hits from the highly rated CD recording “Camouflage’’ by the New York-based Bob Mintzer Big Band.
A Moment Like This
Retail Price: $48.00

Feature your developing alto saxophone or trumpet star on this tasty rock ballad.  Lush ensemble sections provide the perfect compliment to the lovely solo theme, and provide a solid foundation for your young soloist.   For that special moment in your con
A Most Pleasant Reuniuon
Retail Price: $28.00

A Nice Little Waltz
Retail Price: $28.00

A Night at the Blue Note
Retail Price: $45.00

This tune will remind you of all those Blue note records you bought over the years. Moderate in tempo, difficulty level and full of surprises. Not quite a Blues in F---better!
A Rock
Retail Price: $42.00

Another great chart for very young bands from the pen of Ken Harris. This super chart is playable with limited instrumentations and is perfect material for very young jazz ensembles in either concert or contest situations. A very flexible arrangement, eas
A Rockin' Merry Christmas
Retail Price: $48.00

This hard-hitting, powerhouse rock version of  "Joy to the World" will be the hit of your next holiday concert.  The fully-scored ensemble writing is well within the capabilities of even your younger players.  An optional solo section includes written sol
A Short History of Jazz
Retail Price: $50.00

Take your students and audiences on a quick tour of the History of Jazz with this impressive Les Hooper chart for better bands.  Starts in the 1920's and moves forward about a decade for each following chorus until you get to the present.  A great way to
A Shuffle for Uncle Guido
Retail Price: $50.00

A big time shuffle chart by Dominic Spera that really cooks. Plenty of solo space for the soloists of your choosing and Spera’s solid soli and ensemble writing makes this an impressive choice for better bands. Lots of appeal as this dynamic chart “romps &
A Time To Say Goodbye
Retail Price: $42.00

A distinctive feature for your young trumpet or flugelhorn star.  Unusually nice for this grade level and a terrific concert or contest selection for mid-level bands.  Trumpet only goes to top space G.  Lush sax and trombone writing gives the soloist a co
A Warm Fuzzy
Retail Price: $42.00

A simply beautiful rock ballad that can feature either trombone or tenor sax.  A Warm Fuzzy has been a staple in the Barnhouse catalog for many years. Perfect choice for festival, contest!
A. M. Attitude
Retail Price: $35.00

A "wake ‘em up” rock chart that will get your jazz ensemble going any time of the day or night. Easy to prepare and fun to perform, it features an open solo section over easy changes (suggested solos are included) and it’s playable with limited instrument
Retail Price: $50.00

Break out your conga, cabasa and cowbell to add a zesty flavor of the Caribbean to this medium easy Latin rocker. Teach the "classic" Latin rock feel with this spicy tune that features plenty of unison lines for every section. The open solo section, for a
Retail Price: $45.00

Just like magic, this energetic swing tune by Larry Barton will make your band sound like a million dollars. Starts out with the "head” being presented by 1st Alto, 1st Tenor and 1st Trombone and then the whole band gets in the act to produce a big solid
Ace High
Retail Price: $50.00

A big time hard drivin' shuffle tune that is full of appeal for almost any performance situation.  Lots of solid ensemble writing and includes solo space for the sax soloist of your choice.  All sections have a chance to shine and the trombone soli sectio
Adrenaline Attack
Retail Price: $50.00

Showcase your rhythm section while teaching the horns precision on this up tempo rocker for maturing bands. The drummer sets the stage while the chart builds from the opening forte brass fall as each section adds its own riff to the mix. A unison sax, pia
After Hours
Retail Price: $29.00

Contemporary big band jazz, that’s fresh, powerful, and a guaranteed winner for competition.
After Sunset
Retail Price: $45.00

A tasty rock ballad that will feature your budding alto saxophone or trumpet star.  Fully-scored
ensemble sections compliment the gorgeous theme, and provide a solid foundation for your young soloist.  A perfect concert or contest choice to showcase the l
After You've Gone
Retail Price: $45.00

A powerful up-tempo arrangement of this timeless jazz standard that really kicks! Several unique tempo changes and a big stompin’ ending make this a chart that is perfect for contest or concert performances. Solo space for any of your saxophones (could be
Retail Price: $34.00

Bold, contemporary rock with a big sound and huge impact! Playable by most mid-level bands. Ranges and technical demands are very reasonable and it includes an open solo section over very easy changes (written suggested solos are included). EXTRA STRENGTH
Ah - That's Freedom
Retail Price: $50.00

This never-before-published Thad Jones composition is a interesting medium tempo swing chart with just a touch of a “blues march” feel. First recorded “live” by the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Big Band at the Village Vanguard in 1967, this very playable chart fe
Ahunk Ahunk
Retail Price: $50.00

This 5/4 blues-rock composition recorded on Thad’s “Consummation” album in 1970 will give your students a chance to experience performing in 5/4 meter.  Lots of unison gives your students a powerful sound in this moderately re-scored version of Thad’s ori
Ain't Got No Place To Go…
Retail Price: $42.00

The perfect chart for first year jazz ensembles who want to learn to "swing".  This tasty swing tune includes an optional section of basic "blues changes" where any or all members of the group try their hand at an improvised solo. Every section gets to sh
Ain't It the Truth
Retail Price: $45.00

A hard drivin' gospel rock chart by Paul Clark that is full of appeal.  Starts out with one trumpet and two alto saxes and builds into a powerhouse.  Contains an open solo section for the soloists of your choice.  Ranges are very reasonable and it's a per
Alexander's Rock n' Roll Band
Retail Price: $45.00

You won’t believe this fantastic chart based on "Alexander’s Ragtime Band.’’ Set with a driving rock beat, this number is an excellent ensemble training tool and its infectious feel is sure to make it a big favorite with your students and audiences alike.
Retail Price: $19.00

``Top 40’’ song recorded by the ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION.
All Four One
Retail Price: $22.00

Moderate light swinger that would be perfect for that very first concert. Interesting, but easy ensemble passages with a choice of written or ad lib solos for Alto or Tenor.
All In Good Time
Retail Price: $45.00

A very tasty swing chart with a "laid-back" feel that is really special.  Showcases your keyboard player with piano fills and a complete solo chorus that are completely written out and interweave perfectly with the horn parts.  Lots of wonderful ensemble
All Night Rain
Retail Price: $40.00

A distinctive ballad built on a syncopated rhythm pattern which provides a contemporary groove your students will love.  Includes an open solo section for the soloists of your choice (written suggested solos are included) and it's playable with limited in
All the Blues That's Fit To Print
Retail Price: $28.00

Really Nice!  This medium tempo “Basie” type blues is a great chart for teaching swing style to a young band. A guaranteed winner!
Alternate Route
Retail Price: $45.00

This impressive "barnburner" for advanced bands is chock-full of energy.  Starts out at a very fast tempo featuring the trumpets on a unique "head." There's ample solo space for the soloists of your choice before an open drum solo brings the whole band ba
Amazing Grace
Retail Price: $47.00

Traditional Hymn - Arr. as a Medium Samba.
America the Beautiful
Retail Price: $40.00

Beautiful arrangement for jazz band of a very meaningful song. Short written out solo for tenor, and a powerful, positive ending. Provides a big solid sound that will need very little rehearsal time.  Includes a guitar performance help sheet.    A  real c