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Basie's Barbeque - Download
Retail Price: $45.00

 In the Basie Tradition.
Spring is Here - Download
Retail Price: $50.00

This is another one of those absolutely wonderful charts that Lennie did for Stan Kenton for what was known as the dance book.
Jada - Download
Retail Price: $50.00

 This chart is the exact, original one that Oliver Nelson wrote for his terrific L.
Pink Squirrel - Download
Retail Price: $50.00

 As recorded on Shorty's CD Blues Express, this is a wonderful West Coast chart which features unison saxophone son the melody, solo space for alto sax, trumpet, trombone and a short solo for bass.
Cubajazz - Download
Retail Price: $55.00

 Rarely does a piece turn up like this one.
Love Walked In - Donwload
Retail Price: $55.00

 This is another of the many wonderful charts arranged by Niehaus for the Stan Kenton Orchestra.
Afternoon - Download
Retail Price: $55.00

 Here is a slow, swinging, lovely, warm, relaxed composition.
Too Much Coffee - Download
Retail Price: $55.00

 This is a fast, swing chart that is a feature for tenor saxophone.
Sping Wind - Download
Retail Price: $60.00

This is a drum set feature which really shows off your drummer.
Keep The Customer Satisfied - Download
Retail Price: $60.00

 Who will ever be able to forget the dynamic Buddy Rich Band? This chart was a staple in that library for a long time, spinning off of the 60's-70'slook at more contemporary music sources (rock, folk, etc.
Moten Swing - Download
Retail Price: $60.00

 There have been a lot of published charts on this tune, but this is the original version as played by and recorded by the Count Basie Orchestra.
Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie! - Download
Retail Price: $65.00

This is a wonderful chart, an old tune in a new dress, as only Bill Holman can do it.
Doctor is Out, The (for Doc) - Download
Retail Price: $65.00

 This was written for Doc Severinsen to premier at the Midwest Band & Orchestra Conference.
Opals - Download
Retail Price: $65.00

 Bill Perkins recorded this stunning, swinging arrangement with the Metropole Orchestra.
Oh Lawd, I'm On My Way - Download
Retail Price: $65.00

 The quintessential Flag-Waver (as recorded on the 1959 album "The Jazz Soul of Porgy and Bess", featuring the Bill Potts Big Band), this one is a real romp through a happy tune and a brilliant chart, arranged to feature everyone in the band.
C Jam Blues - Download
Retail Price: $70.00

 This great chart is recorded (1999) on the Azica CD "Swingin' the Blues.
Chet's Call - Download
Retail Price: $70.00

 This piece was never  recorded by the Pat Metheny Group.