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Essence, The - Download High and Dry - Download Idioteque - Download
Essence, The - Download
Retail Price: $45.00
High and Dry - Download
Retail Price: $65.00
Idioteque - Download
Retail Price: $65.00
 Dan has created a wonderful Rock Ballad, with a nifty, repeating vamp figure, that can be played by even the most inexperienced players.  Released in 1995 on Radiohead’s second album The Bends, “High and Dry” remains one of the band’s most popular hits.  “Idioteque” was recorded on Radiohead’s 2000 CD Kid A, and Patty Darling’s chart is a model for arranging contemporary pop/rock music for big band.
All I Need - Download Jackhammer - Download
All I Need - Download
Retail Price: $65.00
Jackhammer - Download
Retail Price: $70.00
 Radiohead recorded “All I Need” on their album In Rainbows in 2007.  Hold on to your hat! This wild, hard-rock chart is unbelievable in it's energy, meter changes, strong rhythmic motifs and more.