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SMP-1104   15 Step - Radiohead / arr. Matt Harris
SMP-1102   2+2=5 - Radiohead / arr. Florian Ross
SAMPLE-2015   2015 Demo
SAMPLE-2016   2016 Demo
SMP-530   23N 82W - Bill Russo
SMP-393   3-2-1-0 - Oliver Nelson
SMP-1063   3x3x2x2x2=72 - arr. Bob Curnow
SMP-272   5 M Calypso - David Baker
SMP-244-Download   5-5-7 - Download
SMP-244   5-5-7 - Metheny & Mays / arr. Curnow
SMP-1261   50 and Counting - Vern Sielert
SMP-1276   Ace of Hearts - Patty Darling
SMP-1007   Across the Sky - Metheny & Mays / arr. Curnow
SMP-1205   Adeste Fideles - arr. Rich DeRosa
SMP-605   Adeste Fideles - arr. Stan Kenton
SMP-605-Download   Adeste Fideles - Download
SMP-1027   After You've Gone (for Woody Herman) - arr. Bill Holman
SMP-143   After You've Gone - arr. Bill Holman
SMP-419   After You've Gone - arr. Michael Abene
SMP-1067-Download   Afternoon - Download
SMP-1067   Afternoon - Pat Metheny / arr. Curnow
SMP-1061   Ain't Life Grand - Bill Holman
SMP-181   Airegin - arr. Bill Holman
SMP-1032   All About Ronnie - arr. Bill Russo
SMP-736   All At Once You Love Her - arr. Lennie Niehaus
All Demo CDs   All Demo CDs
SMP-1107-Download   All I Need - Download
SMP-1107   All I Need - Radiohead / arr. Sherisse Rogers
SMP-237   All The Things You Are - arr. Don Sebesky
SMP-577   All The Things You Are - arr. Gerry Mulligan
SMP-688   All The Things You Are - arr. Stan Kenton
SMP-1055   Almost Like Being In Love (Edited) - arr. Don Sebesky
SMP-1055-Download   Almost Like Being In Love (Edited) - Download
SMP-1055 Pro   Almost Like Being In Love (Pro) - arr. Don Sebesky
SMP-1055-Pro-Download   Almost Like Being In Love (Pro) - Download
SMP-578   Almost Like Being in Love - arr. by Lennie Niehaus
SMP-578-Download   Almost Like Being in Love - Download
SMP-546   Alone - arr. Bob Curnow
SMP-226   Alterior Motif - Les Hooper
SMP-142   Always and Forever - Pat Metheny / arr. Curnow
SMP-115   America The Beautiful - arr. Bob Curnow
SMP-1088-download   Among the Pyramids - Download
SMP-1088   Among the Pyramids - Fred Stride
SMP-273   Amoroso - Benny Carter
SMP-503   An American Trilogy - Bob Curnow
SMP-1057   And Then I Knew - Metheny & Mays / arr. Curnow
SMP-604   Angels We Have Heard on High - arr. Ralph Carmichael
SMP-1206   Angels We Have Heard On High - arr. Rich DeRosa
SMP-604-Download   Angels We Have Heard on High - Download
SMP-219   Another Life - Pat Metheny / arr. Curnow
SMP-173   Any Dude'll Do - Bill Holman
SMP-1259   Apollo's Reel - Tom Molter
SMP-1021   April in Paris - arr. John Bambridge
SMP-135   Are We There Yet? - Lyle Mays
SMP-556   Artemis and Apollo - arr. Bob Curnow
SMP-395   Artist's Rightful Place, The (aka Patterns for Orchestra) - Oliver Nelson
SMP-635   Artistry In Percussion - Pete Rugolo
SMP-552   Artistry In Rhythm (short v.) - Stan Kenton
SMP-539   Artistry Jumps - Stan Kenton
SMP-1092   As It Is - Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays / arr. Curnow
SMP-186   At First Light - Ellen Rowe
SMP-168   Aura - Bill Holman
SMP-220   Awakening, The - Metheny & Mays / arr. Curnow
SMP-123   Bach's Lunch - Les Hooper
SMP-747   Back In Blue Orleans - Les Hooper
SMP-1141   Back In Time - Pat Metheny / arr. Bob Curnow
SMP-390   Back Woods - Oliver Nelson
SMP-134   Badger Blues - Bob Curnow
SMP-1229   Bali Bali Buck Dance - Bill Holman
SMP-579   Bali Hai - arr. Lennie Niehaus
SMP-579-Download   Bali Hai - Download
SMP-377   Ballad for Benny - Oliver Nelson
SMP-193   Bari Things You Do, The - Geoff Keezer
SMP-930   Bary Me Not - Bill Holman
SMP-450   Basie Eyes - Shorty Rogers
SMP-128-Download   Basie's Barbeque - Download
SMP-128   Basie's Barbeque - Gary Slavo
SMP-1219   Beat 70 - Metheny & Mays / arr. Bob Curnow
SMP-1037   Beeline East - arr. Bob Curnow
SMP-950   Begin the Beguine (for Doc) - arr. Bill Holman
SMP-730   Begin the Beguine - arr. Johnny Richards
SMP-566   Begin the Beguine - arr. Lennie Niehaus
SMP-566-Download   Begin the Beguine - Download
SMP-1119   Bemsha Swing - arr Bill Holman
SMP-1241   Berlin Bei Nacht - Oliver Nelson
SMP-585   Bernie's Tune - arr. Gene Roland
SMP-585-Download   Bernie's Tune - Download
FC3-005   Best of Buddy Rich
FC3-014   Best of the Big Bands
SMP-141   Better Days Ahead - Pat Metheny / arr. Lindsay
SMP-567   Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
SMP-567-Download   Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - Download
SMP-1025   Big Chase, The - Marty Paich
SMP-240   Big Swing Face - Bill Potts
SMP-338   Bill, Not Gil - Don Sebesky
SMP-171   Black Bottom Stomp - arr. Jackson Stock
SMP-1208   Black Friday - Steely Dan / arr. Fred Sturm
SMP-1173   Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden / arr. James Miley
SMP-373   Black, Brown and Beautiful - Oliver Nelson
SMP-744   Bleep Blop - Les Hooper
SMP-1126   Bloom - Radiohead / arr. James Miley
SMP-758   Blue Daniel - arr. Bill Holman
SMP-267   Blue Five Jive - Benny Carter
SMP-114   Blue For You - Loran McClung
SMP-169   Blue Highways - Paul Ferguson
SMP-160   Blue Landscape - Geoff Keezer
SMP-235   Bluer Than Blue - Don Sebesky
SMP-389   Blues And The Abstract Truth - Oliver Nelson
SMP-456   Blues Express - Shorty Rogers
SMP-189   Blues For Alfy - Bill Holman
SMP-139   Blues For Hayden - Matso Limtiaco
SMP-420   Blues for Kapp - Marty Paich
SMP-1165   Blues Story, The - Gene Roland
SMP-250   Bluesineff - Dan Haerle
SMP-458   Bluezies - Shorty Rogers
CD1009   Bob Curnow's L.A. Big Band - The Music of Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays
SMP-1273   Bodhisattva - Steely Dan / arr. Fred Sturm
SMP-1013   Body and Soul - arr. John Bambridge
SMP-1277   Body and Soul - John Green / arr. by Marty Paich
SMP-1100   Bodysnatchers - Radiohead / arr. Fred Sturm
SMP-1266   Bogota (edited) - Ken Hanna / edited by Bob Curnow
SMP-1265   Bogota (pro) - Ken Hanna
SMP-344   Bone Appetit - Bob Curnow
SMP-1140   Boop Boo Be Doop - Bill Holman
SMP-1275   Boss Talks, The - Bob Curnow
SMP-1244   Breathing - Fred Sturm / arr. Springfield
SMP-325   Bright Eyes - Bill Holman
SMP-951   Bugle Call Rag - arr. Bill Holman
SMP-144   Bunch of Blues - Les Hooper
SMP-336   But Beautiful - arr. Bill Holman
SMP-533   But Beautiful - arr. Lennie Niehaus
SMP-1078   C Jam Blues - arr. Bill Holman
SMP-1078-Download   C Jam Blues - Download
SMP-568   Carl - Bill Holman
SMP-568-Download   Carl - Download
SMP-1193   Carol of the Bells (Edited) - arr. Rich DeRosa / Bob Curnow
SMP-1192   Carol of the Bells (Pro) - arr. Rich DeRosa / Bob Curnow
SMP-1233   Cassandra - Dave Brubeck / arr. Zaremba
SMP-210   Cat from Caracas, The - Dan Haerle
SMP-988   Cayenne (MM3 - Suite Seasonings) - Bob Curnow
SMP-327   Certain Circles - Bill Holman
SMP-1249   Checkpoint Charlie (Edited) - Edited by Bob Curnow
SMP-1248   Checkpoint Charlie (Pro) - Oliver Nelson
SMP-1028   Cherokee - Bill Holman
SMP-1028-Download   Cherokee - Download
SMP-981   Chet's Call
SMP-981-Download   Chet's Call - Download
SMP-737   Chiapas - Hank Levy
SMP-1015   Chicago - arr. Mike Abene
SMP-163   Chicken Polo - Les Hooper
SMP-112   Children of the Sun - Bob Curnow
SMP-580   Christmas Medley - arr. Stan Kenton
SMP-580-Download   Christmas Medley - Download
SMP-106   Chrysalis - John Oddo
SMP-148   Circumvent - Les Hooper
SMP-931   Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie! - arr. Bill Holman
SMP-931-download   Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie! - Download
SMP-1158   Close To Home - Lyle Mays / arr. Bob Curnow
SMP-637   Collaboration - Pete Rugolo
SMP-1207   Come Fly With Me - arr. Billy Byers
SMP-612   Concerto To End All Concertos - Stan Kenton
SMP-188   Consonata - Dee Barton
FC3-004   Contemporary Energy
SMP-1133   Cool Cat Carl - Patty Darling
SMP-363   Cool Ones, The - Fred Stride
SMP-745   Cool School Dropout - Les Hooper
SMP-1182   Count Me In (Edited) - Billy Byers
SMP-1180   Count Me In (Pro) - Billy Byers
SMP-416   Country Boy, A - arr. Bill Holman
SMP-214   Crib Chimp - Dan Haerle
SMP-383-Download   Critic's Choice - Download
SMP-383   Critic's Choice - Oliver Nelson
SMP-185   Cross Currents - Ellen Rowe
SMP-1143   Crystal Cove - Patty Darling
SMP-557   Cubajazz - Bill Holman
SMP-557-Download   Cubajazz - Download
SMP-681   Cuban Fire Suite - Johnny Richards
SMP-1155   Cyclops - arr. Oliver Nelson
SMP-1095   Daily Dance, The - Bill Holman
SMP-1278   Dance of Life, The (10 brass) - Bob Curnow
SMP-1270   Dance of Life, The (8 brass) - Bob Curnow
SMP-729   Dancing in the Dark - arr. Gerry Mulligan
SMP-402   Dancing Nitely - Bill Holman
SMP-401   Danny Boy - arr. Don Sebesky
SMP-586   Day Dream - arr. Lennie Niehaus
SMP-459-Download   Daylie's Double - Download
SMP-459   Daylie's Double - Oliver Nelson
SMP-540   Decoupage - Hank Levy
SMP-227   Dee Day - Dee Barton
CD103   Demo CD 103
CD104   Demo CD 104
CD105   Demo CD 105
CD106   Demo CD 106
CD107   Demo CD 107
CD108   Demo CD 108
CD109   Demo CD 109
CD110   Demo CD 110
CD111   Demo CD 111
CD112   Demo CD 112

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