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Ahunk Ahunk
Retail Price: $95.00

As recorded in 1970 by the great Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra on their album Consummation (Blue Note), this funky blues shuffle in 5/4 opens with a repeated rhythm section vamp before horns are added to the mix. Chord changes for the open solo section are included in the 2nd Alto, 1st Tenor and 4th Trumpet parts. Duration 7:54.   standard jazz ensemble
All In For The Blues
Retail Price: $45.00

As one of the most important American music forms, the blues is an essential concept for developing students who are learning about jazz improvisation and ensemble playing. This easy level swinger has it all -- a strong melody, solid ensemble writing and an open solo section (written solos provided). Scored for 12-17 players, optional parts for flute, clarinet, horn in F, tuba and vibes are included. Duration 2:55.  standard jazz ensemble (playable by 12-17 pieces)
Back Bone
Retail Price: $95.00

As recorded by the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra in 1974 on their Live In Tokyo album, this straight-ahead blues features solo space for piano, three trombones, and drums. Since the drum solo is unaccompanied and precedes the final sustained band chord, Thad's score indicates that it can be extended if desired.     standard jazz ensemble
Back Street Blues
Retail Price: $95.00

Duration 3:30  standard jazz ensemble  
Basie's Blues (w/Full Recording CD)
Retail Price: $55.00

Basie's Blues is a rousing medium tempo big band chart which also functions as a Basie-style piano feature. Arranger Russell Schmidt has crafted a unique three-horn harmonization (+ optional flute and clarinet) of the main theme, giving this piece a very distinctive sound. In addition to solo space for the pianist, there is a bass solo (although this solo can easily be moved to another instrument, if desired). Basie´s Blues is based on one of the easiest etudes from Jim Snidero´s "Easy Jazz Conception Series". 1st Tpt: A (above staff). Grade 3
Big Dipper
Retail Price: $56.00

As recorded by the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra on Central Park North (Solid State #18058), this classic swinger is a winning mix of solo-with-rhythm-section and full-band passages. Designated soloists include piano, trumpet and tenor, with the drummer taking a solo just before the final four bars. Rhythm section parts are partially notated with chords cued. Duration 5:52.  standard jazz ensemble
Bird Count
Retail Price: $56.00

Written in tribute to Charles Mingus, playing this raucous blues with high energy is the key ingredient for a really swingin' performance. Much of the texture comes from the layering of riffs, and solists include alto, bari sax, trumpet and drums.  standard jazz ensemble
Blues For A Workshop
Retail Price: $95.00

This medium-tempo blues for proficient groups gives solos to soprano sax and piano, followed by a solo chorus that can be opened up for tenor, trumpet and/or trombone according to your band's strengths.     standard jazz ensemble with 5th Trumpet and 5th Bass Trombone or Tuba (4th Trombone opt.) and opt. guitar; SATTB saxes
Blues For Red
Retail Price: $95.00

As recorded by the Woody Herman Big Band on their 50th Anniversary Tour album, this medium blues opens with expandable solos for piano and bass before the dramatic full-band entrance. Then alto and trumpet carry solo choruses before the chart closes out strong with a big shout featuring optional high lead trumpet work. Duration 6:00.  standard jazz ensemble
Blues Machine, The
Retail Price: $56.00

First written for the Count Basie Orchestra in 1983 and later revised for the Sammy Nestico CD "This Is The Moment," this great blues tune features an extended, three-chorus soli for the sax section. Alto sax and piano are the designated soloists, with optional solo space also provided for guitar and trombone. The chart closes out with a very powerful shout.  standard jazz ensemble
Doo-Dat Blues
Retail Price: $55.00

Hard-swinging shuffle that is reminiscent of those great Thad Jones charts. Solos are for piano and alto, but it can easily be opened up for other soloists. Young bands and professionals alike will have fun with this swinging minor blues. Medium Advance Music is proud to present our new Groovin Easy Series. We´ve taken 10 tunes from two popular Advance Music publications (Reading Key Jazz Rhythms and The Ramon Ricker Improvisation Series) and asked our writers to give us creative and musically challenging charts that are also playable by young bands. To the normal big band instrumentation of 5 saxes, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones and rhythm section we´ve added optional parts for flute, clarinet, French horn, guitar and auxiliary percussion. In addition, each chart is written to sound full with a reduced instrumentation of only 3 saxes, 2 trumpets, 1 trombone and rhythm section. The brass ranges are reasonable with the lead trumpet never going above a written C and the rhythm section parts are carefully notated and thought-out. There is plenty of room for improvising, but just in case we´ve provided written solos.
Retail Price: $95.00

This setting of the classic Wayne Shorter tune features open solos for piano, bass or guitar, and tenor sax. When played with good intonation and balance, tight harmonies in the horn parts will yield impressive results, especially when supported by a sensitive rhythm section. The sound of muted brass is another nice touch here. Duration 5:10.    standard jazz ensemble; 1st Alto Sax doubles on soprano
Greetings And Salutations
Retail Price: $95.00

As recorded by the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra on their album New Life, a slow rubato intro sets up the irresistible funky rock groove that makes this an enduring favorite with better bands. Tenor, trumpet and drums/congas are the designated soloists, but additional players can be featured if desired. A drum solo in the final four bars provides a dramatic finish. Duration 8:30.   standard jazz ensemble plus opt. F horns (4), opt. tuba & opt. conga; 1st Soprano or Alto Sax doubles on flute, 2nd Alto Sax has opt. flute double, 1st Tenor Sax has opt. flute double, 2nd Tenor Sax doubles on clarinet
How Sweet It Is
Retail Price: $56.00

First recorded by Count Basie, then Quincy Jones, and most recently by the SWR Big Band on their "Basie-cally Sammy" CD, this popular blues tune was originally written for "Sweets" Edison and features solo trumpet throughout. Some very soft and very big ensemble sections create striking dynamic contrasts and generate plenty of excitement.  standard jazz ensemble
Late Night Diner
Retail Price: $52.00

Just as you'd expect to find at a late night diner, this chart serves up a slow, greasy blues -- according to Doug Beach, "the greasier, the better!" All is built around a down-home, 12/8 feel with a strong melody and great ensemble work adding just the right spice. The solo section can be opened up for additional soloists; a written solo sheet for trumpet and alto is included for players lacking improvisation experience. Rhythm section parts are notated with chords cued. Duration 5:13.  standard jazz ensemble
Queen Bee, The
Retail Price: $52.00

As recorded by Count Basie & His Orchestra for their Basie Straight Ahead album of 1968, this classic blues features a moderate tempo, piano and tenor solos, solid sax and brass solis, and a series of ensemble shouts punctuated by dramatically quieter passages to create the kind of intensity that keeps listeners riveted until the closing chord ends. Rhythm section parts are partially notated with chords cued, and the first brass soli calls for bucket mutes.        standard jazz ensemble plus F horns (2) & tuba
Second Race
Retail Price: $95.00

Recorded in 1968 by the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra on their Monday Night album, this swingin' blues at a moderate tempo opens with an ad lib piano solo, then shifts immediately to a solo chorus for Harmon-muted trumpet. Tenor sax also serves as a soloist later on, with plenty of great section and ensemble passages providing essential power and balance. Duration 6:15.    standard jazz ensemble
Shufflin' In F (w/Full Recording CD)
Retail Price: $55.00

This medium swing blues by Jim Snidero includes optional flute, clarinet, horn in f, tuba and guitar parts. Solos for bass and alto saxophone are required, however optional written parts are provided.
Six By Six
Retail Price: $52.00

All the elements of a great opener or closer are packed into this medium-easy blues-- strong melody, unison band lines, open solo section, and a shout chorus that starts soft and builds to a roar. Though improvisation is encouraged, a supplemental sheet provides written solos in all transpositions. Rhythm section parts are notated with chords cued. Duration 4:00.  standard jazz ensemble
Son Of Road Time
Retail Price: $95.00

Subtitled A Shuffle For Art's Sake (referring to Art Dedrick, Kendor's founder) and commissioned by Kendor in celebration of its 25th anniversary, this dynamic original assigns solos to alto, tenor and plunger trumpet. Challenging brass and sax solis, a potent shout and a screaming final chord make this a winner in anyone's book! Duration ca. 7:30.  standard jazz ensemble, saxes double or flute or clarinet
Switch In Time
Retail Price: $52.00

Recorded by Count Basie & His Orchestra in the late 1960's, this classic blues for developing ensembles features written or ad lib solos for trombone and drums. Midway through, shortly after the trombone solo ends, the full band gradually builds intensity and volume before launching into a roaring shout that'll blow your audience away. Rhythm section parts are partially notated with chords cued.      standard jazz ensemble plus F horns (2) & tuba
TV Blues
Retail Price: $66.00

Funky blues-shuffle. The saxophone section gets to shine on this piece. The satirical lyrics are about people in the U.S. who watch too much TV. They can be changed to whatever TV shows are viewed or replaced by an instrumental soloist. Very moderate brass ranges. Recorded on "Only In New York" (DMP 501). Medium
You Win Some, You Blues Some
Retail Price: $52.00

This swingin' blues excursion for advancing groups grabs the reins of tradition while sounding new and fresh. The ensemble is given every opportunity to showcase its strengths, and soloists are in comfortable keys throughout. The composer offers meticulous suggestions to streamline your band's rehearsals and options for opening up the solo sections. A guitar chord chart by Jim Greeson is included. Duration 5:35.  standard jazz ensemble