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17 Mile Drive
Retail Price: $52.00

Inspired by the scenic grandeur of California's Monterey Peninsula as seen from the road that hugs the Pacific coastline there, this catchy rock shuffle for advancing groups grooves from start to finish. A memorable melody, contemporary harmonic techniques, and solo space for tenor complete this satisfying excursion. A guitar chord chart by Jim Greeson is included in each set. Duration 6:15  standard jazz ensemble; trumpets double on flugelhorn  
702 Shuffle
Retail Price: $52.00

Need a great opener or a burning closer? This chart will take care of either spot on the program. With a strong melody, an irresistible groove and solid ensemble work, this imaginative jazz shuffle will work perfectly in any program. The written or ad lib open solo section (solo sheets provided for all) allows plenty of room for advancing players to stretch out. Duration 4:15.  standard jazz ensemble
88 Basie Street
Retail Price: $56.00

Originally written for the Sammy Nestico "Dark Orchid" recording and later reprised on "A Portrait Of Sammy," this classic swing tune gives all of the solo work to piano -- first in the opening 48 bars, then again in the middle and ending segments. In between the band tackles a terrific double counterpoint chorus and carries a full ensemble shout. Altos and tenors double on flute.  standard jazz ensemble
Aaron's Blues
Retail Price: $56.00

Commissioned by the Jazz Division of the Illinois Music Educator's Association for the 2014 Illinois All State Jazz Ensemble, this straight ahead swing chart features a strong melody, solid ensemble work and plenty of space for solos over blues-based. A must-have for any library. Duration 5:06  standard jazz ensemble with opt. vibes
Retail Price: $11.50

Roland Brom has transcribed Haydn's string quartet music for AATB saxophone quartet. The range and timbre of this ensemble provides an appropriate vehicle for this classical chamber music. Scored at the grade 3 difficulty level, this setting works perfectly for recitals and solo festivals. Duration 4:20.  2 Altos, Tenors and Baritone Saxes
Absolutely Awesome
Retail Price: $52.00

For years Lennie Niehaus has written great music for jazz ensembles at all ability levels, and this work for advancing groups is no exception. Interesting chord changes and backgrounds combine with the ever-popular Charleston beat to create this memorable swing chart. You'll find great ensemble writing, a sax soli, and a swinging shout chorus. The solo section offers options to the conductor to assign ad lib or as-written solos to several instrumental configurations. A guitar chord chart by Jim Greeson is included in each set. Duration ca. 4:30.  standard jazz ensemble
Absolutely, Positively
Retail Price: $45.00

Try this slow, yet hard-swinging shuffle on your next big band outing. The bluesy sound emphasizes the groove and is accessible for developing groups. Written especially for the Lincoln Middle School Jazz Band in Pullman, Washington, this chart includes a written alto sax solo, though the composer encourages students to improvise over the entire solo section using a five-note cell on which to base their ideas. A guitar chord chart by Jim Greeson is included. Duration 4:05.  standard jazz ensemble (Kendor Konvertible for 9-17 players)
Across The Channel
Retail Price: $52.00

Why not feature your alto sax soloist on this funky ballad for advancing groups? The innovative harmony during the bridge and the double-time samba section add lots of depth to this engaging piece. Ample unison passages serve as an excellent vehicle to teach dynamic restraint, and the soloist will have plenty of room to stretch out. A guitar chord chart by Jim Greeson is included, and rhythm section parts are notated. Duration 4:20.  standard jazz ensemble
Across The Heart
Retail Price: $56.00

Those who have experienced the lush, well-constructed writing style of Denver-based pianist/composer Dave Hanson need to read no further since you're already familiar with the consistently high quality of his work. This beautiful mood piece for solo flugelhorn and big band is no exception. Alternating between a straight-eighth note ECM feel and a driving Latin groove, this original for proficient groups has the soloist weaving in and out of the arrangement with plenty of soloing opportunities over Latin vamps and modal colors. Rhythm section parts are partially notated. Duration 5:40.  standard jazz ensemble plus flugelhorn; section trumpets double on flugelhorn
After Mr. Teng
Retail Price: $95.00

As recorded by the Toshiko Akiyoshi-Lew Tabackin Big Band in 1980 for their Farewell To Mingus album, this fast bebop outing for proficient players features a big full-band opening, sax and brass section solis, and solo space for piano, tenor (or alto), and bass. Directors also have the option of repeating one solo chorus to feature trumpet as well. Duration ca. 6:00.   standard jazz ensemble
After The Rain
Retail Price: $56.00

The first chorus should be a two-beat feel before transitioning into a solid, straight-ahead 4-beat feel at the trombone chorus. Make sure the time has a sense of forward momentum throughout. The voicing at measure 69 sounds best if everyone takes some deep breaths and blows! Trombone figures must be short and crisp at measure 85, while saxes and trumpets are phrasing their lines. At measure 104 things should be nice and easy until the build-up at 108 for the ending.  standard jazz ensemble; trumpets double on flugelhorn
After You've Gone
Retail Price: $56.00

Marked "easy does it" at the start, this laidback swinger opens with a sax soli supported by bucket-muted brass figures. Solos for piano and/or guitar appear throughout, and the chart concludes with a warm, delicate touch.  standard jazz ensemble
Retail Price: $56.00

Originally featured on the Yellowjackets' Altered State CD, this new big band version was commissioned by East Carolina University and is scheduled to appear on an upcoming Bob Mintzer Big Band CD. Elements of Brazilian samba and funk contribute to the unique groove of this interesting work for proficient groups. Two open solo sections offer experienced improvisers ample stretching room. Your band and your audiences will love this one! Duration 4:30.  standard jazz ensemble
Ahunk Ahunk
Retail Price: $95.00

As recorded in 1970 by the great Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra on their album Consummation (Blue Note), this funky blues shuffle in 5/4 opens with a repeated rhythm section vamp before horns are added to the mix. Chord changes for the open solo section are included in the 2nd Alto, 1st Tenor and 4th Trumpet parts. Duration 7:54.   standard jazz ensemble
Ain't Nobody Gettin' Younger
Retail Price: $56.00

Featured on the SWR Big Band CD Basie-cally Sammy, this medium tempo chart features two trumpet plunger duets, along with solos for trumpet, tenor and optional alto saxophone. Some solid full-ensemble work adds depth and dimension to this rewarding excursion.  standard jazz ensemble
Air And Finale (from Water Music)
Retail Price: $11.50

Ideal for all performance settings and programs, this edition features the graceful Air and the rousing Finale from George Frederic Handel's famous Water Music.âˆThe difficulty falls well within the grade 3 range, and the scoring lies perfectly for all players. Total duration 3:25  AATB Saxophones
Air On The G String (from Orchestral Suite No. 3)
Retail Price: $7.95

Johann Sebastian Bach's famous air from his 3rd Orchestral Suite is arranged for traditional saxophone quartet in the key of concert Bb. This grade 3+ setting features an optional part for alto saxophone which can be used as a substitute for the soprano part. Duration 2:25.  S(A)ATB Saxes
All In
Retail Price: $52.00

This original for advancing groups by Stan Kenton alumni Lennie Niehaus is sure to please players and audiences alike. The material is well developed and provides plenty of opportunity for various players and sections to share in the melodic role. Solos are provided for alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone, and trombone. A swinging shout chorus utilizes effective rhythmic material that brings the chart to a rousing finish! A guitar chord chart by Jim Greeson is included in each set. Duration 3:35 without additional solos.  standard jazz ensemble
All In For The Blues
Retail Price: $45.00

As one of the most important American music forms, the blues is an essential concept for developing students who are learning about jazz improvisation and ensemble playing. This easy level swinger has it all -- a strong melody, solid ensemble writing and an open solo section (written solos provided). Scored for 12-17 players, optional parts for flute, clarinet, horn in F, tuba and vibes are included. Duration 2:55.  standard jazz ensemble (playable by 12-17 pieces)
All Of Me
Retail Price: $45.00

This updated version of the 1930's standard swings from start to finish! Alternating sax and brass solis provide the vocalist with good support early on, and an all-out shout at the end will bring the house down. Midway through a scat solo section can be omitted entirely or opened up for additional instrumental solos. Rhythm section parts are partially notated with chords cued. Scored in the key of Ab. Duration 2:40.  standard jazz ensemble with solo vocal (tenor sax sub.)
All Of Me
Retail Price: $20.00

First written and recorded in 1931, through the years this great standard has been performed and/or recorded by such jazz legends as Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Sarah Vaughan, Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald and others too numerous to name. In this medium-tempo combo setting, solos can be played by any or all horns and rhythm section parts are partially notated with chords cued.   3 horns (trumpet or alto sax, alto or tenor sax, trombone or tenor sax) & rhythm section
All's Well In Wellington
Retail Price: $52.00

This exciting flagwaver combines elements from the big bands of Count Basie, Thad Jones, Rob McConnell and Buddy Rich. Powered by a memorable blues riff that builds to a mighty shout, this chart includes an open solo section for alto, trumpet, piano and others if desired. The drummer also steps out with solos in several places.  standard jazz ensemble
All's Well That Ends Well
Retail Price: $45.00

Whether your ensemble has some experience or is in the developmental stages, this tuneful chart is suitable for all performance situations, particularly festivals. All instruments have interesting parts to play, ranges are reasonable, and rhythm parts are completely notated with chord symbols provided. Written or ad lib solo space is offered to alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet, and trombone. The final six bars of the chart reveal a clever ending that explains the title. A guitar chord chart by Jim Greeson is included. Duration 3:00.  standard jazz ensemble plus opt. flute, clarinet, F horn, tuba & vibes (playable by 10-17 players)
Alley Cat
Retail Price: $15.50

Set in a moderate swing tempo, this 1960's instrumental hit gives developing quartets a great chance to sharpen their syncopation and articulation skills as a blended ensemble. Duration 2:20.    2 Altos, Tenor and Baritone Saxes w/opt. Rhythm Section
Alpha, Beta, Alpha
Retail Price: $11.50

Lennie Niehaus, former featured alto sax soloist and arranger for the Stan Kenton Orchestra, has composed this contemporary quartet in ABA song form. There are interesting linear parts for all players, and they are all featured at one time or another in the lead role. Duration 5:00.  S(A)ATB Saxes
Retail Price: $95.00

Penned especially for young jazz bands, this beautiful rock ballad features trumpet or alto sax playing 'as written' solo lines. According to the score, directors have the option of adding auxiliary percussion instruments if they wish. Rhythm section parts are notated with chords cued.    standard jazz ensemble; solo alto sax + AATTB section parts
Retail Price: $95.00

As recorded by the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra in 1974 for their Potpourri album on the Philadelphia International label, this highly expressive ballad opens with an unaccompanied 20-bar piano solo before the band gets on board. Then a pair of duets for flugel-and-soprano and flute-and-bass take the stage, leading ultimately to a solo chorus for flugel. The chart closes quietly with brief trombone and arco bass solos. Duration ca. 7:25.   standard jazz ensemble with opt. flute & soprano sax doubles on alto sax parts; solo flugelhorn
Amen (w/Full Recording CD)
Retail Price: $55.00

Amen is a medium-up tempo gospel-swing, influenced by Horace Silver´s The Preacher. Mike Titlebaum underlayed the bluesy melodies, developed throughout the arrangement, with a driving shuffle rhythm, first introduced by the trombones in the intro. There is a written trombone solo included but the solo section can be opened up for any other instrument. Amen is based on the etude with the same name from Jim Snidero´s "Jazz Conception Series". 1st Tpt: E (top of staff). Grade 2-3
America, The Beautiful
Retail Price: $95.00

Duration ca. 3:20   standard jazz ensemble 
American Express, The
Retail Price: $95.00

Written for the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra, this extended contemporary work is one of eight tracks on the album 20 Years At The Village Vanguard (Atlantic) recorded in 1985 by the Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra after Thad moved to Denmark. Though practically everyone makes brief ad lib contributions at one time or another, full-length solo choruses are assigned to soprano and tenor. Rhythm section parts are partially notated with chords cued. Duration ca. 10:30.   standard jazz ensemble with S(A)S(A)TTB(Bass Clarinet) saxes; 4 trumpets + 5th Flugelhorn
American Patrol
Retail Price: $45.00

Originally released in 1956, this arrangement of the iconic Meacham tune opens with a short written alto solo before launching into a satisfying series of sax and brass solis, unisons and full-ensemble shouts. All rhythm section parts are fully notated, brass ranges are very accessible, and no improvisation is required. Duration 2:20  standard jazz ensemble (playable by 3 saxes, 3 brass plus rhythm section) with opt. tuba & vibes
And Another Thing
Retail Price: $56.00

Commissioned by the Illinois Music Educator's Association for the 2008 Illinois All-State Jazz Ensemble and inspired by the music of the Dave Holland Quintet, the straight 8th Latin jazz feel of this creative original features inventive melodic lines and refreshing voicings. Tenor and trumpet are the designated soloists. Rhythm section parts are partially notated with chords cued. Duration 6:40.  standard jazz ensemble
And The Band Played On
Retail Price: $52.00

This jazz waltz version of the popular 1895 song is a great feature for solo flugelhorn (4th Trumpet). The wide dynamic contrasts are real attention-getters, and the trademark Kubis sound permeates this warm orchestration. An open solo section is included in this chart for advancing groups, and a guitar chord chart by James Greeson comes with each set. Duration 4:35.  standard jazz ensemble, altos on flute
Anitra's Dance
Retail Price: $95.00

With the first half of this arrangement written as a conventional waltz in 3/4 and the second half scored in 4/4 swing, this great classic for augmented jazz ensemble calls for clean, crisp articulations throughout. A long, gradual crescendo after the midpoint culminates in a dramatic climax before moving toward a quiet finish. No solo work is required and rhythm section parts are fully notated.  standard jazz ensemble plus 2 flutes, oboe, 2 clarinets, bass clarinet, bassoon, F horn, tuba, and triangle/bells/xylophone
Another Lazy Day
Retail Price: $95.00

Written for the great Count Basie band in 1971, this alto sax feature in a warm, downtempo ballad setting provides written lines for the soloist so players with limited improvisation experience can still carry the day. An 8-bar ad lib solo for piano is also included, and rhythm section parts are notated.   standard jazz ensemble plus tuba & 2 F horns
Another Look At The Diminished Chord
Retail Price: $52.00

Commissioned by John Rush and the Los Alamitos Jazz Band #1, this original for advancing groups is exactly what you need to open your next concert or festival performance. Several musical generations work together as the chart combines elements of 1930's swing with a fresh harmonic approach. Ranges and technical requirements are reasonable, and tenor sax and trumpet are featured soloists. A guitar chord chart by Jim Greeson is included in each set. Duration 5:10.  standard jazz ensemble
Around The Horn
Retail Price: $52.00

Continuing with Strommen's popular baseball-theme charts, this one refers to the tradition of infielders tossing the ball to each other after a successful out. It opens with an unaccompanied bass solo, followed by a trumpet and tenor soli. The same duo is later featured in the written or ad-lib solo section. Set in a bright swing groove for advancing groups, shifts between 2 and 4 feels and solid material for all make it a sure winner. Rhythm section parts are notated with chords cued, and a guitar chord chart by Jim Greeson is included. Duration 3:05.  standard jazz ensemble with opt. flute
Arroz Con Pollo
Retail Price: $45.00

Emulating the music of jazz greats Tito Puente and Eddie Palmieri, this funky Latin original with a 3:2 clave groove features a trumpet section soli, a written or ad lib trumpet solo, and a roaring ensemble chorus, making it an exciting choice for developing groups. Each set includes a guitar chord chart by Jim Greeson. Duration 4:40.  standard jazz ensemble (Kendor Konvertible for 9-17 players) plus opt. flute, clarinet, F horn, tuba and vibes
Retail Price: $56.00

Commissioned by the Gates Chili High School Jazz Ensemble in Rochester (NY), this winning original alternates between a Latin and straight 8th-note feel, and draws from the ascending melodic minor scale and its related modes for source material. It's a sophisticated chart with moderate range demands and notated rhythm section parts. Soloists can navigate the 16-measure solo using just a single scale over hip jazz chords. Duration 6:55.  standard jazz ensemble
Autumn (w/Full Recording CD)
Retail Price: $55.00

medium swing chart features a beautifully harmonized sax section soli. It is perfect for a change of pace in any program and it gives your brass section a change to rest. Instead of the written trombone solo you may want to feature your improvising guitarist or pianist. Autumn is based on the etude with the same name from Jim Snidero´s "Jazz Conception Series". 1st Tpt: G (top of staff). Grade 2-3
Retail Price: $55.00

Arranged for medium-level jazz bands by Gregory Yasinitsky, this breezy calypso features very reasonable brass ranges (G5 trumpet, Eb4 trombone), written or ad lib solos for trumpet and trombone, and a fully-notated piano part for players with limited jazz experience. Each set includes a CD featuring this and four other new big band releases.
Baby Elephant Walk (From The Paramount Picture Hatari!)
Retail Price: $9.95

This arrangement features the music of the great film composer Henry Mancini, as arranged by well-known film composer, Lennie Niehaus. The playful nature of this novelty song from the Paramount Picture Hatari transmits beautifully to the AATB instrumentation. Duration 2:35  2 Altos, Tenor and Baritone Saxes
Back Alley Shuffle
Retail Price: $52.00

Featuring killer ensemble work, a strong melody, sax soli, an open solo section (as written or ad lib) and a memorable finish, this hard-driving shuffle will ignite any program. A great workout for everyone in the band, this medium level chart will be the hit on your next program. Duration 4:35.  standard jazz ensemble
Back And Forth
Retail Price: $45.00

This accessible original features a variety of rhythmic figures commonly used in rock and funk charts. Designed to make developing groups sound their best, it derives its title from the "back and forth" feeling in the rhythm section parts. Although loaded with great learning material, the piece is simply fun to play and will leave bands and audiences whistling the melody. The piano and bass parts are fully notated with chord symbols provided. The solo section features written or ad lib solos for any player using the solo sheets provided. A guitar chord chart by Jim Greeson is included. Duration 4:30.  standard jazz ensemble (Kendor Konvertible for 9-17 players)
Back Bone
Retail Price: $95.00

As recorded by the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra in 1974 on their Live In Tokyo album, this straight-ahead blues features solo space for piano, three trombones, and drums. Since the drum solo is unaccompanied and precedes the final sustained band chord, Thad's score indicates that it can be extended if desired.     standard jazz ensemble
Back Of The Bus
Retail Price: $95.00

As recorded in 1971 by Buddy Rich on the album A Different Drummer (RCA Victor), this irresistible jazz waltz is a huge treat for bari sax soloists who seldom get the chance to step into the spotlite -- including optional repeats on two solo choruses and a repeated 8-bar vamp, LaBarbera allows up to 132 measures of bari solo work here! The drummer also gets a chance to cut loose in an expandable solo before the band closes with a big finish. Duration ca. 3:30.      standard jazz ensemble
Back Street Blues
Retail Price: $95.00

Duration 3:30  standard jazz ensemble  
Back To The Basement
Retail Price: $52.00

This sizzling jazz shuffle featuring a great melody, crisp horn figures and big ensemble moments creates a lot of energy without making extreme demands on developing players. Solo sheets are included for all instruments, and rhythm section parts are notated with chords cued. Duration 3:26.  standard jazz ensemble
Retail Price: $52.00

Alternating between 3/4 and 4/4 feels, this catchy funk tune for advancing groups features clever piano comping, punchy bass lines, and fun single-note guitar comping. Solos with accessible chord changes are provided for alto, tenor, bari, trumpet and trombone. Guitar or piano can also take solos if desired. A guitar chord chart by Jim Greeson is included in each set. Duration 4:50.  standard jazz ensemble
Ballad For A Rough Year
Retail Price: $95.00

Recorded by the Ashley Alexander Big Band in 1985 on the album Powerslide (Pausa), this alto sax feature opens in a beautiful rock ballad style before launching into an irresistible double-time samba. The solo part includes written lines for the opening and ending sections with an improvised section (64 bars) between. Rhythm section parts are partially notated with chords cued.  Duration 4:45.    standard jazz ensemble with opt. 5th Trumpet