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Jamey Aebersold Jazz Volume 003 - The ii/V7/I Progression Jamey Aebersold Jazz Volume 006 - Charlie Parker "All Bird" Jamey Aebersold Jazz Volume 007 - Miles Davis
Beginning/Intermediate. The most important musical sequence in modern jazz! The essence of modern music is Bebop; considered by many to be the most important music of the 20th century. 8 jazz originals written by Miles Davis, many recorded twice with one slower track for easier learning, and another track at a common performance tempo.
Jamey Aebersold Jazz Volume 008 - Sonny Rollins Jamey Aebersold Jazz Volume 009 - Woody Shaw Jamey Aebersold Jazz Volume 010 - David Baker
These tunes represent a large portion ofthe jazz player's vocabulary and all are considered jazz standards. beautiful songs written by Woody Shaw which are a departure from the typical Bebop jazz melodies and chord progressions. Truly performance level material, yet designed to address the needs of advancing improvisers.
Jamey Aebersold Jazz Volume 100 - St. Louis Blues: Traditional Dixieland Classics Jamey Aebersold Jazz Volume 102 - Jerry Bergonzi: Sound Advice Jamey Aebersold Jazz Volume 103 - David Sanborn
Recorded in an authentic style, there is a purity to these songs that is refreshing to the ear and makes them fun to play, and a "bounce" that is seldom heard in today's modern styles. Jerry has recorded all these songs on various Double-Time Jazz CDs! A smooth blend of the songs written and recorded by the great alto innovator David Sanborn and his side-man Marcus Miller.
Jamey Aebersold Jazz Volume 104 - Free Play: Musical Landscapes for Free Improvisation Jamey Aebersold Jazz Volume 105 - Dave Brubeck "In Your Own Sweet Way" Jamey Aebersold Jazz Volume 106 - Lee Morgan "Sidewinder"
Book details ways to use this set to open new avenues of musical discovery. This will be the best "chordless" tool in your musical tool box! niment, you know it's as authentic as it gets. This Play-A-Long is a great tribute to the popular jazz legend and is a fitting tribute to his enormous contribution to the jazz reportiore. From the beautiful bossa nova "Ceora" to the exciting boogaloo "Sidewinder," Lee's impact on modern trumpet and contemporary jazz writing has been extraordinary.
Jamey Aebersold Jazz Volume 108 - Joe Henderson "Inner Urge" Jamey Aebersold Jazz Volume 109 - Fusion Plus!: Rock, Jazz, Latin, Smooth Volume 011 - Herbie Hancock
Volume 011 - Herbie Hancock
Retail Price: $15.90
15 of the best jazz songs of the 60s and 70s by the legendary jazz giant Joe Henderson. 12 exciting jazz/rock and fusion tracks composed and performed by well-known keyboardist Dan Haerle. Beginners will find tunes containing only 3 or 4 chords at relaxed tempos. Intermediate players will enjoy a variety of styles to choose from and advanced players can get into unusual changes and faster tempos.
Volume 012 - Duke Ellington Volume 013 - Cannonball Adderley Volume 014 - Benny Golson
Volume 012 - Duke Ellington
Retail Price: $15.90
Volume 014 - Benny Golson
Retail Price: $19.95
Some of the most famous jazz standards in the world from rich, lush ballads to crisp and light swing tunes that every jobbing musician should know. This set has a happy sound. All three rhythm section members have played with the Cannonball Adderley quartet, so you are getting it from the authentic source! This set can help raise your playing to a higher level of proficiency.
Volume 015 - Payin' Dues Volume 016 - Turnarounds, Cycles,C2 & ii/V7s Volume 017 - Horace Silver
Volume 015 - Payin' Dues
Retail Price: $15.90
Volume 017 - Horace Silver
Retail Price: $19.95
Make your jazz experience as real and authentic as it gets. THIS is the sound and the groove of jazz!!! If you have been working on playing scales, chords, and harmony in general, this set is the next step towards getting your ears and fingers coordinated. Now with a second CD of slower practice tempos! This set contains some of Horace's most famous songs.
Volume 018 - Horace Silver Volume 020 - Jimmy Raney Volume 021 - Gettin' It Together: Learn To Improvise Like The Masters
Volume 018 - Horace Silver
Retail Price: $19.95
Volume 020 - Jimmy Raney
Retail Price: $15.90
This set is a challenger but is worth your every effort. With this set and Volumes 17 & 86, a total of 29 Horace Silver songs are at your disposal. A great way to study bebop! This outstanding set includes transcribed solos written and played by Jimmy on the guitar. For all musicians regardless of ability! If you use this set with Volume 1, you will have a solid foundation to meet any new challenge.
Volume 022 - 13 Favorite Standards Volume 023 - One Dozen Standards Volume 025 - 17 All Time Standards
Lyrics included. Our first set of jazz and popular standards that players have always enjoyed recording and improvising on. Lyrics included. 12 more great standards to choose from. A complete, balanced set of well-known songs. Lyrics included. The largest collection of standards in the series.
Volume 026 - The Scale Syllabus: As Played by Liebman and Aebersold Volume 027 - John Coltrane Volume 028 - John Coltrane
Volume 027 - John Coltrane
Retail Price: $15.90
Volume 028 - John Coltrane
Retail Price: $15.90
For all levels, instrumentalists & vocalists. Hear David Liebman solo over every scale listed in the Scale Syllabus. 8 Favorite jazz classics from one of the most innovative and influential jazz artists in history, the great John Coltrane. 8 more classic compositions for all musicians wishing to find out what it's all about.
Volume 029 - Play Duets With Jimmy Raney: 10 Original Jazz Duets Volume 030A - Rhythm Section Workout - Keyboards & Guitar Volume 030B - Rhythm Section Workout - Bass & Drums
Now includes TAB parts in addition to "standard" music notation. Designed for ALL rhythm section players and teachers.
Listen to the CD as you would any jazz recording as the melody is
played in and out and the musicians solo, comp., and trade "4s".
Designed for ALL rhythm section players and teachers.
Listen to the CD as you would any jazz recording as the melody is
played in and out and the musicians solo, comp., and trade "4s".
Volume 031 - Jazz Bossa Novas Volume 032 - Ballads Volume 033 - Wayne Shorter
Volume 031 - Jazz Bossa Novas
Retail Price: $15.90
Volume 032 - Ballads
Retail Price: $15.90
Volume 033 - Wayne Shorter
Retail Price: $19.95
It has become standard practice today for the professional musician to play at least one Latin tune in each set for added interest and variety. Here are 8 soulful ballads enjoyed by both musicians and listeners for years. Here is a collection of some Wayne Shorter most famous songs from the 60s and 70s.
Volume 034 - Jam Session: 19 Standards Volume 035 - Cedar Walton Volume 036 - Bebop & Beyond
Volume 035 - Cedar Walton
Retail Price: $15.90
Volume 036 - Bebop & Beyond
Retail Price: $15.90
19 tunes from the cream of the golden age of songwriting in America. Lyrics included. Jam with this all-star rhythm section on 9 fresh, original tunes by the great Cedar Walton with Cedar on piano! Many of these tunes are well on their way to becoming jazz standards. Includes 8 tunes by a variety of jazz greats that have been recorded on many records in the past 40 years and songs by Jamey in the same style.
Volume 037 - Sammy Nestico Volume 038 - Blue Note Volume 039 - Swing, Swing, Swing
Volume 037 - Sammy Nestico
Retail Price: $15.90
Volume 038 - Blue Note
Retail Price: $19.95
Sammy Nestico's charts have been played by more high school, college, and professional big bands than anyone else's. 15 jazz favorites recorded on one of the finest jazz labels. Captures the spirit, sound, and soul of the Blue Note* era; a variety of tunes spanning the entire spectrum of a standard jazz player's bag. 8 time-tested standards span over 75 years of American popular music and all are favorites with every prominent big band and combo from the 20s to the 40s.
Volume 040 - 'Round Midnight Volume 041 - Body & Soul Volume 042 - Blues In All Keys
Volume 040 - 'Round Midnight
Retail Price: $19.95
Volume 041 - Body & Soul
Retail Price: $19.95
If you own one Classic jazz recording, there is a good chance it contains at least one of these songs. Offers a good variety of song types, from the beautiful, haunting 'Round Midnight, to the exciting and often played Love For Sale. A large selection of famous standards that will have every musician rushing home from work to play. This set of 17 familiar classics will inspire you to play your best, increase your song list, and equip yourself for any musical situation. Here is a great way to expand your blues playing in every key! Slow tempos for all levels of ability.
Volume 043 - Groovin' High Volume 044 - Autumn Leaves Volume 045 - Bill Evans
Volume 043 - Groovin' High
Retail Price: $15.90
Volume 044 - Autumn Leaves
Retail Price: $15.90
Volume 045 - Bill Evans
Retail Price: $15.90
Six "must know" bebop tunes and two essential standards you'll play on every gig. Tempos are comfortable. All Levels. Sit back and let this exciting New York rhythm section take you on an exhilarating ride through these timeless jazz session favorites. Harmonically speaking, Bill Evans remains one of the most influential musicians and composers in jazz. His compositions are among the richest and most original, laced with beautiful, lush alterations and passing chords. This set represents a sampling of Bill's illustrious career from Waltz For Debby, written in 1954, to Laurie, composed in 1979.
Volume 046 - Out Of This World Volume 047 - I Got Rhythm: In All 12 Keys Volume 048 - "In A Mellow Tone" Duke Ellington
A cross section of ageless standards encompassing a wide span of styles and musical periods from Louis Armstrong to Miles Davis, gleaned from Broadway shows, best-selling records and popular musicals. You're guaranteed to find this set to be "Out Of This World". Explores the fundamentals of playing the popular chord changes jazzers refer to as "Rhythm Changes." Play along for fun or use as an opportunity to learn 9 important songs you can use on almost any gig.
Volume 049 - Sugar: Play-Along With B-3 Organ Volume 050 - The Magic Of Miles Davis Volume 051 - Night & Day
Volume 051 - Night & Day
Retail Price: $15.90
Now, for the first time, you can take advantage of the opportunity to play along with two of Jazz's finest. An example of Miles' unparalleled influence as a trumpeter, composer, and band leader, his sidemen, Cannonball Adderly, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, David Liebman, Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins, and Wayne Shorter have all had compositions presented in this series! 13 of the most popular songs ever produced by composers such as George Gershwin and Cole Porter. Like jazz tunes, many of these originated from Broadway shows.
Volume 052 - Stardust Volume 055 - Yesterdays: Jerome Kern's Jazz Classics Volume 056 - Thelonious Monk
Volume 052 - Stardust
Retail Price: $15.90
Volume 056 - Thelonious Monk
Retail Price: $15.90
As usual, Jazzmen have made each of these songs "standards" through their own performing. Don't leave home without knowing these 11 essential standards by one of America's greatest composers. Here is a vintage collection of Classic Monk; most of which need no introduction. Includes two originals by Jamey Aebersold in a tribute to Monk's style and legacy.
Volume 057 - Minor Blues In All Keys Volume 058 - Unforgettable Volume 059 - Invitation: Play-Along With B-3 Organ
Volume 058 - Unforgettable
Retail Price: $15.90
All Levels. Here we have a typical minor blues in all 12 keys. Lush ballads and swingin' standards for every occasion, tastefully played by an outstanding rhythm section and made "unforgettable" by such great jazzmen as Dave Brubeck, Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Ray Noble, and Nat King Cole. All songs are recorded at relaxed "groove" tempos that inspire laid-back performance and open up whole new avenues of creativity.
Volume 060 - Freddie Hubbard Volume 062 - Wes Montgomery Volume 063 - Tom Harrell
Volume 060 - Freddie Hubbard
Retail Price: $15.90
Volume 062 - Wes Montgomery
Retail Price: $15.90
Volume 063 - Tom Harrell
Retail Price: $15.90
11 bandstand favorites composed and/or recorded by one of Jazz's greatest trumpet innovators. 11 groovin' jazz masterpieces from the legendary Wes Montgomery and accompanied by a swingin' rhythm section in the style of his popular band. Tom's hand picked favorites representing a wide range of different styles and grooves. All are a unique blend of contemporary composition with deep roots in tradition.
Volume 064 - Salsa Latin Jazz Volume 065 - Four and More: Play-Along With B-3 Organ Volume 066 - Billy Strayhorn: Lush Life
Volume 064 - Salsa Latin Jazz
Retail Price: $15.90
Finally, an authentic collection of Salsa/ Latin favorites. Complete with syncopations, voicings, and bass figures guaranteed to make you play in whole new ways and expand your musical awareness. More high energy, finger poppin' favorites from the Hammond B-3 Organ of Hank Marr. Intermediate. Billy Strayhorn is one of the best-loved, yet underrated composers of jazz.
Volume 067 - Tune Up: Standards in All 12 Keys Volume 069 - Bird Goes Latin Volume 071 - East Of The Sun
Volume 069 - Bird Goes Latin
Retail Price: $15.90
Volume 071 - East Of The Sun
Retail Price: $15.90
fantastic Play-A-Long of 7 easy to medium difficulty songs in all twelve keys! The popularity of Latin Jazz has been tremendous in recent years, and now this innovative Play-A-Long offers you these Charlie Parker originals in the Salsa/Latin Jazz style. 12 tracks of the best music ever written. Songs represented here appeal to a variety of musical tastes.
Volume 072 - Street Of Dreams Volume 073 - Stolen Moments: Oliver Nelson Favorites Volume 074 - Latin Jazz
Volume 072 - Street Of Dreams
Retail Price: $15.90
Volume 074 - Latin Jazz
Retail Price: $15.90
The rhythm section sparkles on this exciting collection of 12 of the world's most popular songs 12 jazz favorites by the world renowned composer, arranger, and saxophone recording artist, Oliver Nelson. 12 of the world's finest standards done in the popular Latin Jazz style
Volume 076 - How To Learn Tunes: A Jazz Musician's Survival Guide Volume 077 - Paquito D'Rivera: Latin, Brazilian, Caribbean, Jazz & Beyond Volume 078 - Jazz Holiday Classics
Until now, the task of memorizing tunes has required a great amount of time and has been left to chance by the musician. With no rules, guidelines, or systematic methods of study, the task has left musicians with a great deal of confusion and frustration. This incredible work is a quick and easy method for learning and memorizing melodies and chord changes to any tune in any key! Listening/learning/play along tracks take you through the most commonly used harmonic formulae and teach you how to recognize and remember forms both visually and aurally. The book and supplement give composition that will have you memorizing and UNDERSTANDING how changes work. Leave the fakebooks at home!

Rhythm Section: Luke Gillespie (p); Erik Unsworth (b); Tom Diehl (d)
The diverse music presented here is a welcome addition to every musician's Play-A-Long library. Great jazz musicians have long enjoyed playing and recording the great holiday classics.
Volume 079 - Avalon Volume 080 - Indiana Volume 082 - Dexter Gordon
Volume 079 - Avalon
Retail Price: $15.90
Volume 080 - Indiana
Retail Price: $15.90
Volume 082 - Dexter Gordon
Retail Price: $15.90
12 great American songs from the golden age of popular music. These songs have been enjoyed and recorded in a variety of ways by countless musicians over different jazz eras One dozen more great American standards in the mode of Volume 79 "Avalon." Only in his last years as an actor in the acclaimed movie ""Round Midnight"" did Dexter Gordon gain widespread popularity, but jazz musicians have known about him for decades through his big band sound, hard swing, and roaring compositions. Learn and enjoy these songs which are part of his great legacy.
Volume 083 - The Brecker Brothers Volume 084 - Dominant 7th Workout Volume 086 - Horace Silver: Shoutin' Out
Be like Mike! For years, musicians have been requesting a high quality funk/fusion Play-A-Long of well- known recorded hits; this is it! The Dominant Seventh is possibly the most substituted, colored, and altered sound in modern music. Its flexibility and distinctive nature made it a favorite of composers throughout the 20th century and allowed it to dominate Blues and Rock And Roll. A wide variety of Horace's work is represented here, with a varied assortment of styles, tempos, and harmonies.
Volume 087 - Benny Carter: When Lights Are Low Volume 088 - Millennium Blues: Blues with a Twist for the Third Millenium Volume 089 - Darn That Dream
Volume 089 - Darn That Dream
Retail Price: $15.90
Intermediate. Legendary multi-instrumentalist/composer Benny Carter has granted us the impressive honor of compiling a remarkable Play-A-Long of his favorite works. Intermediate/Advanced. The BLUES are BACK!! The blues are the basis of much modern music, and this volume highlights many of the different ways the blues are approached in jazz. 12 of the world's most beautiful and often-played standards. Learn and enjoy these timeless classics while being accompanied by a rhythm section of master musicians.
Volume 090 - Odd Times: Workout in "Odd" Time Signatures Volume 091 - Player's Choice Volume 092 - Lennie Niehaus: 14 Original Songs by The Emmy Winning Composer
Volume 091 - Player's Choice
Retail Price: $15.90
Featuring "Take Five!" Don't feel uncomfortable every time someone calls a tune in an odd meter. A collection of excellent tunes well-known to jazz fans and musicians because they have been played and recorded so often. Presented here is a nice assortment of forms and harmonies. Lennie has personally assembled the songs for this Play-A-Long and added 9 new selections to create a wonderful set for all to enjoy.
Volume 093 - What's New Volume 094 - Hot House Volume 095 - 500 Miles High
Volume 093 - What's New
Retail Price: $15.90
Volume 094 - Hot House
Retail Price: $15.90
Volume 095 - 500 Miles High
Retail Price: $15.90
Here's the Play-A-Long for all those who have requested a set that utilizes a Guitar Trio instead of the usual Piano Trio as the accompanying instrumentation. This set is for all those looking for a good collection of Bop favorites, Jazz Classics, and well-known standards; very much what you might encounter on a typical gig. From "All Of Me" to "500 Miles High, " these famous standards and jazz favorites make this an enjoyable set for all musicians
Volume 096 - Latin Quarter With Dave Samuels & The Carribean Jazz Project: Latin Jazz Fusion Volume 097 - Standards With Strings Volume 098 - Antonio Carlos Jobim
This set features the music and performances of Samuels' Caribbean Jazz Project. A totally authentic latin jazz fusion set - sounds awesome! . Here are 10 beautiful standards arranged by jazz great and award-winning arranger Lennie Niehaus. By popular request, here we have world-famous works from the Bossa Nova's greatest master, played with exceptional taste and sensitivity in an authentic, relaxed style with a nylon string acoustic guitar rhythm section.
Volume 099 - Tadd Dameron "Soultrane" Volume 110 - "When I Fall In Love" - Romantic Ballads Volume 111 - J.J. Johnson
Volume 111 - J.J. Johnson
Retail Price: $15.90
Presented here is a tribute to Tadd; a collection of his most often played compositions that capture the heart and soul of the bop/post-bop era. This historic collection, a natural progression from the popular Volume 32 - ""Ballads"", represents one dozen passionate standards from the golden age of song writing. Includes lyrics. Presented here is the most extensive play-a-long collection of his work ever produced!
Volume 112 - Cole Porter - "21 Great American Standards" Volume 114 - Good Time Volume 115 - Ron Carter
Volume 114 - Good Time
Retail Price: $19.95
Volume 115 - Ron Carter
Retail Price: $16.90
. Presented here is the most extensive play-a-long collection of his work ever produced! For all instrumentalists wishing to improve their "time", sharpen their harmonic awareness, or just experiment with different rhythm section configurations. This play-a-long is the first of its kind to feature both piano and guitar accompaniment.
Volume 116 - Miles of Modes: 30 Exciting Tracks Volume 118 - - Groovin' Jazz: Play Along with the Joey Defrancesco Trio Volume 119 - Bobby Watson
Volume 119 - Bobby Watson
Retail Price: $15.90
What do you play when you have one chord for 8 or 16 bars? The Modal Jazz era presented new challenges for improvisers, spawning a fruitful period rich in new ideas, concepts, and harmonic exploration. Features Organ, Guitar, and Drums. See ""Related Items"" below for more Hammond B-3 Organ based play-a-alongs. Includes 12 Classic compositions from the long time "Jazz Messenger", altoist Bobby Watson, recorded by the famous Horizon rhythm section.
Volume 120 - Feelin' Good: Blues In B-3 Volume 121 - Phil Woods Volume 122 - Jimmy Heath
Volume 121 - Phil Woods
Retail Price: $15.90
Volume 122 - Jimmy Heath
Retail Price: $15.90
This organ trio play-a-long set simply swings like no other! 14 songs by the bop legend. Jazz favorites by the legendary Saxophonist/composer recorded by his trio.
Volume 123 - Now's The Time: Standards with the Joey DeFrancesco Trio Volume 124 - Brazilian Jazz: The Latest Trends In Bossa Nova and Beyond Volume 125 - Christmas Carol Classics
Another super-groove play-a-long featuring Joey with his trio accompanying you on Blues and some of the greatest standards ever written. These 10 tracks, recorded in Brazil with some of its finest musicians, cover a variety of Brazilian styles, including Samba, Bossa Nova, Baiao, Afoxe, Partido-alto, and Maracatu. A fantastic collection of 17 traditional carols - accompanied by a superb piano, bass, and drum trio - with a tasteful jazz flair.
Volume 127 - Eddie Harris - Listen Here Volume 128 - Django Reinhardt: Gypsy Jazz Volume 129 - A Jazzy Christmas
Favorites from the popular composer, Eddie "Electrifying" Harris.
Includes 13 great tunes from the famous "Gypsy Jazz" era and a tribute song, all performed in an authentic style by a masterful guitar trio. Swinging and fun to play! Our very latest Christmas play-a-long!  Just in time for the holidays - 14 great Christmas classics with a Jazz twist!
Volume 130 - Pennies From Heaven Volume 131 - Cry Me A River Volume 132 - On The Street Where You Live
Volume 131 - Cry Me A River
Retail Price: $16.90
This 2-CD set is filled with 20 fantastic standards from the golden age of American songwriting.  
15 well-known standards for you to play. 14 Favorite songs recorded many times over the years!
Volume 133 - Down By The Riverside: 15 Traditional Dixieland Classics!
Fun to play! This play-a-long includes a traditional rhythm section accompaniment (provided by the Rascals of Ragtyme band) that includes Piano, Banjo, Wash Board or Drums, and Tuba! Its the perfect companion to Volume 100 St. Louis Blues.