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Volume 004 - Movin' On
Retail Price: $15.90

Advanced level. This set contains 9 original songs written by Jamey Aebersold and Dan Haerle.
Volume 019 - David Liebman
Retail Price: $15.90

If you are looking for something different, try this one! This set is unusual because it contains no ii/V7s. The tunes and chord progressions are not usually found in standard jazz songs.
Volume 061 - "Burnin'" Up Tempo Jazz Standards
Retail Price: $15.90

Only for the brave! Find out how good you really are when tempos reach 340 beats per minute!
Volume 068 - Giant Steps: Standards in All 12 Keys
Retail Price: $15.90

If you're ready for further challenges, try these slightly more difficult tunes in all 12 keys.
Volume 075 - Countdown To Giant Steps
Retail Price: $19.95

Finally, there is a "steps" method of learning not only Giant Steps and Countdown, but also how to substitute those elusive chord changes for "standard" chord changes in well-known standards.
Volume 081 - Contemporary Standards & Originals: With The David Liebman Group
Retail Price: $15.90

A new twist on old standards, David's challenging, inventive arrangements of well-known tunes are welcome additions to the library of musicians looking for a fresh perspective.
Volume 085 - Tunes You Thought You Knew: Reharmonized Standards
Retail Price: $15.90

Showcased are the musical and playable reharmonizations in a way musicians will find entertaining and enlightening.
Volume 101 - Andy LaVerne: Secret Of The Andes
Retail Price: $15.90

This set offers a unique sampling of his personal favorites for you to learn and enjoy.
Volume 126 - Randy Brecker
Retail Price: $19.95

Advanced A wonderful collection of 13 original jazz songs by the masterful artist/composer Randy Brecker, comprising a wide variety of modern and straight-ahead styles.