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Basie's Barbeque - Gary Slavo Blue Landscape - Geoff Keezer Blues For Hayden - Matso Limtiaco
Basie's Barbeque - Gary Slavo
Retail Price: $45.00
Blue Landscape - Geoff Keezer
Retail Price: $45.00
 In the Basie Tradition.  Here is a really nice blues chart with fresh, interesting lines and great ensemble passages.  Everyone who hears this tune loves it! It has a neat, unique feel to it, and it is a wonderful teaching tool for young players.
Bluesineff - Dan Haerle Crystal Cove - Patty Darling Dragon Blues - Geoff Keezer
Bluesineff - Dan Haerle
Retail Price: $45.00
Crystal Cove - Patty Darling
Retail Price: $45.00
Dragon Blues - Geoff Keezer
Retail Price: $45.00
 Sierra Music is happy to be affiliated with Dan Haerle, noted composer/arranger, educator (University of North Texas) and pianist.  This wonderful original composition by Patty Darling adds another great chart to Sierra's Easy To Play series.  An easy-to-play blues with a very unique melody.
Dreamscape - Bob Curnow Here's That Rainy Day - arr. Bob Curnow If I Could (edited v.) - Pat Metheny / arr. Curnow
Dreamscape - Bob Curnow
Retail Price: $45.00
 A beautiful solo for Flugelhorn.  This is, unquestionably, one of the most beautiful ballads ever written.  This arrangement is easier than the Pro version.
In Her Family - Pat Metheny / arr. Curnow It's Just You and Me - Fred Stride Letter From Home (edited v.) - Pat Metheny / arr. Curnow
 This is one of Pat's most haunting, pensive and beautiful ballads.  Fred Stride adds to his expanding series a great, slow-swinging original that is playable by most any band.  This arrangement does not include brass or drums.
Northwest Riff - Bob Curnow Red Tape Blues - Geoff Keezer Street of Dreams - arr. Stan Kenton
Northwest Riff - Bob Curnow
Retail Price: $45.00
Red Tape Blues - Geoff Keezer
Retail Price: $45.00
 This piece is patterned after Stan Kenton's Dynaflow, but it is written in such a way that it is quite easy to play.  Geoff has scored a very hip, musical easy-to-play chart in the classic blues form, using his incomparable melodic and harmonic sense of things.  Stan had a very definite style of arranging which, of course, was the basis of most of the music for his early bands.
Three J's, The - Ellen Rowe Yearnin' - Oliver Nelson
Three J's, The - Ellen Rowe
Retail Price: $45.00
Yearnin' - Oliver Nelson
Retail Price: $55.00
 Ellen has a marvelous knack for being able to write sophisticated music which is not difficult to perform.  This piece is the ORIGINAL chart done by Oliver Nelson.