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'Bone Town Blues
Retail Price: $44.00

A medium swing arrangement for the 'bone section, this chart begins with unison trombones, then 'bones in harmony followed by exchanges with the other sections to include a stop-time section. It’s easy to put together, has no individual solos, is effective to perform and a kick for your 'bone section. Also includes all the usual optional parts. (3:38)
'Round Midnight
Retail Price: $48.00

This timeless jazz tune, recorded by countless jazz artists, is now scored for the younger band. This piece includes the lush harmony you expect and then moves into a double-time section before ending at the ballad tempo. Everything is written out for the soloist and rhythm section. (3:52) This title is available in SmartMusic.
'Round Midnight
Retail Price: $44.00

Energy and excitement! Victor López works his magic on Chuck Mangione's classic. A lazy intro for trumpet and alto explodes into a fierce samba that doesn't let up. 1st trumpet has the melodic solo and the jazz solo (written or ad-lib). Solo trumpet range to written A. A great addition to any concert, this chart is full of fire and easily recognizable by the audience. (4:12)
'S Wonderful
Retail Price: $44.00

This piece has a Basie swing feel at around 138 BPM, with a more contemporary harmonic flavor. Features sax section solis, written solos for alto 1 and trumpet 2, and a big shout chorus.
'S Wonderful
Retail Price: $44.00

Treat your band to some of the best contemporary big band writing ever! Featuring trombone and guitar soloists, this chart is perfect for festivals or concerts. Composer Alan Baylock is one of the finest writers on the jazz scene today and with Two Seconds to Midnight he delivers the following: energy, style, a modern rock-fusion groove, an intimate small group sound, the power of the full get the picture. It's all there and it's HOT! (5:54)
Retail Price: $65.00

Recorded by Ella Fitzgerald
(The) Movement
Retail Price: $44.00

Here's a super chart in the Latin rock-style for the young player by a terrific writer, Ralph Ford. Based on a simple two chord (ii-V) pattern, "Here Comes Big 'Un" has a cool melody, written solos with backgrounds for 1st trombone, 1st tenor sax, and (optional) baritone sax. It would be easy to expand the solos to other parts if desired. 1st trumpet range to written E top space. Easy to rehearse and very effective. (3:22)
New York, New York, Theme from
Retail Price: $48.00

The ultimate '70s pop tune returns in a slick new arrangement by Tom Davis. This Isaac Hayes masterpiece works great for jazz ensemble, and it will be popular with your students, especially considering the resurgence of '70s music and culture. Tom offers you solo opportunities for alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet, or trombone, which are written out but can be improvised as well. This Shaft is bad! Easy (3:24)
Shaft, Theme from
Retail Price: $44.00

Some tunes just live forever, and students always love to play them. PINK PANTHER is a perfect example. Arranger Mike Lewis gives the less experienced jazz groups an opportunity to play this all-time favorite. A few triplet and swing figures, along with a lot of unison scoring, make this a natural for young jazz ensembles. Give this chart a look! Very Easy (3:04)
Retail Price: $48.00

A Latin cha-cha groove at around 132 BPM. A hip tutti montuno sets the cha-cha feel in the intro followed by the same montuno played by the piano. The chart features written-out solos for tenor sax and trumpet 2, and the trumpet 1 range is to written E top space. It is fun, it’s Latin and it will sound great! This title is available in SmartMusic.
205 Swing Street
Retail Price: $38.00

A classic swing chart for young bands and very playable, even with limited instrumentation. This Ken Harris chart is a perfect way to build confidence in your youngest of players, and have them sounding like the pros in no time! VERY NICE!
23rd Street Moped Traffic Jam
Retail Price: $36.00

A unique rock tune with a big solid sound for mid-level bands by Les Aldrich. Powerful ensemble sections rule the day in this appealing chart. Lots of performance possibilities and it’s playable with limited instrumentation.
5.4 On the Richter Scale
Retail Price: $48.00

5.4 On The Richter Scale is an upbeat modern-sounding swing chart that really cooks!  Hip 5/4 blues sections are contrasted with a straight ahead swingin’ 4/4 blues, which gives this chart its unique appeal.  Plenty of opportunity for your soloists to imp
A Band's Gotta Do What A Band's Gotta Do!
Retail Price: $48.00

Just like John Wayne said, "A bands gotta do what a bands gotta do" and your band will have lots of fun doing it with this great mid-level chart in the happy, swinging Basie tradition. Following the opening piano solo (written), everybody plays the unison
A Bit Of
Retail Price: $13.00

A Blues to Blow On
Retail Price: $40.00

An effective and painless way to get some improvisation going on in your young jazz band. This easy-to-play blues chart will make your kids want to solo and is playable with limited instrumentation.
A Charlie Brown Christmas
Retail Price: $50.00

Jazz Classics for the Young Ensemble – Grade 3

Vince Guaraldi's music provided a level of jazz sophistication for the popular Charlie Brown television specials, and his holiday offerings were some of the best! This appealing medley includes Linus and Lucy, Skating, O Tannenbaum, and Christmas Time Is Here.

Click to view score with recording.
A Child Is Born
Retail Price: $50.00

Thad Jones’ most popular and unforgettable composition will provide your students with a great ballad performance experience.  Mike Carubia’s tasteful arrangement captures all of the charm of the original without the difficulty, and features a written pia
A Distant World
Retail Price: $38.00

Outstanding rock ballad for younger bands, full lush sound perfect for developing bands. Excellent harmonic writing and wide dymanic contrast gives a mature sound. VERY TASTY!
A Few Good Men
Retail Price: $48.00

Adapted for the younger player from Gordon Goodwin's original Big Phat Band chart. It's a rock-march that begins with a drum cadence then into the funky-rock groove at 114 BPM. Includes written-out solos for tenor and trumpet 2, lead trumpet range is to written A above the staff and clear rhythm section parts with vibes. Hot!    This title is available in SmartMusic.
A Little Night Music
Retail Price: $45.00

It's not very often that you see the name Mozart appears on a jazz chart! Mark Taylor cranks up the creative juices as he features a light samba groove on a familiar classical theme. Slipping into a swing style on occasion, this attractive setting features nicely scored ensemble passages, solos for tenor and drums, and a unison chorus for the full ensemble.
A Little Reverb
Retail Price: $42.00

Straight ahead Basie style swing chart with many performance oppurtunities and a section for repeated solos. This is simply one of the best Bob Lowden charts in our catalog.
A Rockin' Merry Christmas
Retail Price: $48.00

This hard-hitting, powerhouse rock version of  "Joy to the World" will be the hit of your next holiday concert.  The fully-scored ensemble writing is well within the capabilities of even your younger players.  An optional solo section includes written sol
A Time To Say Goodbye
Retail Price: $42.00

A distinctive feature for your young trumpet or flugelhorn star.  Unusually nice for this grade level and a terrific concert or contest selection for mid-level bands.  Trumpet only goes to top space G.  Lush sax and trombone writing gives the soloist a co
A. M. Attitude
Retail Price: $35.00

A "wake ‘em up” rock chart that will get your jazz ensemble going any time of the day or night. Easy to prepare and fun to perform, it features an open solo section over easy changes (suggested solos are included) and it’s playable with limited instrument
Retail Price: $11.50

Roland Brom has transcribed Haydn's string quartet music for AATB saxophone quartet. The range and timbre of this ensemble provides an appropriate vehicle for this classical chamber music. Scored at the grade 3 difficulty level, this setting works perfectly for recitals and solo festivals. Duration 4:20.  2 Altos, Tenors and Baritone Saxes
Accidentally in Love - from SHREK 2 - from SHREK 2
Retail Price: $45.00

This recent pop hit from the Counting Crows was featured in the movie Shrek 2. With an energetic rock style and tuneful melody, this one works great for jazz ensemble.
Act Your Age
Retail Price: $48.00

This hot Gordon Goodwin chart is now for the younger player. Slick and funky describes this very accessible arrangement. There are written solos for 1st alto (cued for 2nd alto) and a 1st trumpet solo cued in all four trumpet parts. Lead trumpet has a written A above the staff, but technically this chart is not difficult and will come together quickly to earn a spot in your program. This title is available in SmartMusic.
Adelieland (from Happy Feet)
Retail Price: $48.00

From the movie Happy Feet, Adelieland" is high-energy mambo! Victor López, the mambo king, has made this exciting groove assessable to the young player. Solos are written out for each wind section or individual. Lead trumpet range goes to written G on top of the staff. An auxiliary percussion part is included along with optional parts for flute, tuba, F horn and baritone horn. It’s mambo madness!  This title is available in SmartMusic.
After Sunset
Retail Price: $45.00

A tasty rock ballad that will feature your budding alto saxophone or trumpet star.  Fully-scored
ensemble sections compliment the gorgeous theme, and provide a solid foundation for your young soloist.  A perfect concert or contest choice to showcase the l
After You've Gone
Retail Price: $48.00

This is an up-tempo swing chart with the drums as the solo instrument, so hang on to your hats! Inspired from the original Roy Eldridge and Gene Krupa recording of After You’ve Gone this drumset feature is dynamically understated. There is a half-time swing section with a unison line played by trumpet 2, trombone 1 and rhythm section and the drum solo is interspersed with ensemble and also has an open solo section. Brass range is modest. Optional parts included. A superb festival choice! This title is available in SmartMusic.
After You've Gone
Retail Price: $44.00

This fresh treatment of a classic will satisfy! This chart has a medium tempo around 132 BPM with clever interplay between sections. Features include written-out solos for alto 1 and trombone 2, a swingin' shout chorus, and trumpet 1 range is to written F top line.
Afternoon in Paris
Retail Price: $45.00

John Lewis (composer, pianist, and founder of the acclaimed Modern Jazz Quartet) penned Afternoon in Paris in the '50s and it has remained a jazz standard ever since. This nicely crafted version for younger bands opens with a small group on the head and drums on brushes. Solos for trumpet and tenor follow, along with full ensemble statements.
Retail Price: $34.00

Bold, contemporary rock with a big sound and huge impact! Playable by most mid-level bands. Ranges and technical demands are very reasonable and it includes an open solo section over very easy changes (written suggested solos are included). EXTRA STRENGTH
Ain't Got No Place To Go…
Retail Price: $42.00

The perfect chart for first year jazz ensembles who want to learn to "swing".  This tasty swing tune includes an optional section of basic "blues changes" where any or all members of the group try their hand at an improvised solo. Every section gets to sh
Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Retail Price: $45.00

Young Jazz Ensemble – Grade 3

This motown classic has provided hit material for greats such as Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, and most recently Michael McDonald. This great-sounding tune is as fresh today as it was back in the '60s. You can't go wrong with this rockin' fun chart.
Ain't No Other Man
Retail Price: $45.00

Recorded by pop artist Christina Aguilera, this is one of those rare contemporary pop tunes that actually works great with a jazz ensemble! With built-in horn riffs and a driving rock pulse, this is sure to be an audience favorite.
Ain't No Sunshine
Retail Price: $45.00

Originally recorded in the '70s, Bill Withers' distinctive slow rocker has become a classic. The minor mode adds to the flavor, and Rick's version for young players skillfully passes the melody from section to section. Also included is a solo for tenor sax.

ScorePlay - click to view score with recording
Air And Finale (from Water Music)
Retail Price: $11.50

Ideal for all performance settings and programs, this edition features the graceful Air and the rousing Finale from George Frederic Handel's famous Water Music.âˆThe difficulty falls well within the grade 3 range, and the scoring lies perfectly for all players. Total duration 3:25  AATB Saxophones
Air On The G String (from Orchestral Suite No. 3)
Retail Price: $7.95

Johann Sebastian Bach's famous air from his 3rd Orchestral Suite is arranged for traditional saxophone quartet in the key of concert Bb. This grade 3+ setting features an optional part for alto saxophone which can be used as a substitute for the soprano part. Duration 2:25.  S(A)ATB Saxes
Retail Price: $45.00

Jazz Classics for the Young Ensemble – Grade 3

Here is a classic up-tempo swinger from jazz legend Curtis Fuller skillfully adapted for younger players by Paul Murtha. The saxes are featured on the rollicking theme and there are written or ad lib. solos for tenor, trumpet and trombone. Experienced bands will want to crank up the tempo, but this chart still swings at a moderate pace as well.
All I Want for Christmas Is You
Retail Price: $45.00

Originally recorded by Mariah Carey in 1994, this upbeat tune has become a holiday favorite year after year. John Berry brings us a great-sounding version in a straight-ahead medium swing style with the melody traded around from section to section. No solos are required.

ScorePlay - click to view score with recording
All the Blues That's Fit To Print
Retail Price: $28.00

Really Nice!  This medium tempo “Basie” type blues is a great chart for teaching swing style to a young band. A guaranteed winner!
All The Things You Are
Retail Price: $25.00

Wonderful standard tune by Jerome Kern.
Amadeus Grooves
Retail Price: $46.00

Celebrate Mozart's 250th anniversary with a jazz chart! Mike Lewis arranged Mozart's 40th Symphony using a swing feel with no individual solos---just plenty of ensemble. The brass range is accessible, the rhythms are easy, and this chart bounces the melody back and forth between sections. Add the string players to this chart; check out the optional string parts for violin, viola, and cello plus all the regular optional wind parts.
America, The Beautiful
Retail Price: $95.00

Duration ca. 3:20   standard jazz ensemble 
American Patrol
Retail Price: $45.00

Retail Price: $45.00

Bossa rock. Big, full sound in an easy to play chart. Suggested written solos for tenor or trumpet.
An Ellington Tribute
Retail Price: $50.00

Jazz Classics for the Young Ensemble – Grade 3

This production number for young players offers a perfect way to honor the music of the legendary Duke Ellington Orchestra. This swingin' medley takes you through the well-known standards C-Jam Blues, Sophisticated Lady and of course, Take the “A” Train.
Angel Eyes
Retail Price: $48.00

This bossa-rock tune is at 145 BPM with a melody line played by tenor 1 and trumpet 2. Solos are written out for tenor and piano, and the lead trumpet range is to written E top space. This chart includes parts for optional vibes, flute, clarinet, and more. (3:11)