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Singing Oyster, The (Pro) – Dee Barton
Singing Oyster, The (Pro) – Dee Barton

Hear The Music! See The Music!
Retail Price: $65.00

Grade: Advanced
Composer: Dee Barton

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Hear The Music! See The Music!

This is one of the most popular charts on the “Jazz Compositions of Dee Barton” recording by the Stan Kenton Orchestra. This is the original arrangement as recorded by Kenton. There is an edited version arranged for standard big band instrumentation. Starting lightly with unison saxophones, in a lilting, bright, swinging ¾, the chart then adds brass backgrounds, growing in intensity and leading to the trumpet solo. That solo is then followed by some of the coolest (and most challenging) ensemble writing ever. There is a good bit of unison line playing by everyone in the band. The drums then bring the full band into a shout chorus that lifts you out of your chair. There is a return to the lighter side for a bit and then back to the roaring shout. It all finishes with a cute piano finish on sol do (those solfeggio classes finally came in handy). (Standard 5 saxophones, 5 trumpets, 4 trombones, tuba, piano, bass and drums) 5-5-5-3
$ 65.00

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