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A Message From Bob

Available charts on this demo CD:
Life Grand (Maynard Ferguson Series)
Black Hole Sun (from Soundgarden)
Carol of the Bells (edited)
Carol of the Bells (pro)
Count Me In (edited) (ala Count Basie)
Count Me In (pro) (ala Count Basie)
Fire Within, The (Contemporary Composers Series)
Happy Faces (Jazz Masters Series - Quincy Jones)
In the Wee Small Hours (edited) (ala Count Basie)
In the Wee Small Hours (pro) (ala Count Basie)
J&B (edited) (Oliver Nelson Series)
J&B (pro) (Oliver Nelson Series)
Lover Man (Maynard Ferguson Series)
Machine (Buddy Rich Series)
Next Chapter, The (Contemporary Composers Series)
Nice 'n' Easy (ala Count Basie)
Old Man River (Maynard Ferguson Series)
Party's Over, The (Maynard Ferguson Series)
Patience (Contemporary Composers Series)
Rotten Kid, The (Buddy Rich Series)
Second Time Around, The (edited) (ala Count Basie)
Second Time Around, The (pro) (ala Count Basie)
Swing State (Contemporary Composers Series)
We've Got A World That Swings (Maynard Ferguson Series)
A complete listing of Sierra Music's full catalog up to the 2013 New Issues (almost 650 charts!).
This catalog is conveniently laid out to be user-friendly and is complete with interactive links for easy access to audio samples and purchasing.
Flash Drive
Our Price: $10.00

This flash drive will allow you to download the entire Sierra Music catalog and all of the 600+ audio samples directly to your own hard drive. On this flash drive, you will find a list of the audio files in both alphabetical listing and by grade/style, a pdf catalog (which you can print out) containing links to all of the audio files online, including links that will take you directly to a specific chart on our website should you choose to purchase it, a free chart written just for you, and a short welcome/instructional video from Bob Curnow.