In Memory of Bill Holman: A Note from the Desk of Bob Curnow

The passing of Willis (Bill) Holman on May 7, 2024, just prior to his 97th birthday sadly brings back into sharp focus the importance of his superb music to the world of big band jazz and to this company, Sierra Music Publications. He and I agreed to begin publishing his music 137 charts ago. With very few exceptions, Sierra Music has been the only publisher of Holman’s music. Because of that, Bill and I spent a lot of time talking about everything from music to life in general. I’ve never engaged with someone with such a long life who was so incredibly sharp with a memory that always surprised and pleased me.

We first “hooked up” when he sent me a letter in early 1972. He and a partner were trying to start a publishing company. I was teaching at Case Western Reserve, and somehow we connected, trying to find copies of his early charts, especially the things he wrote for the Kenton band. I had been a fan of his writing since the age of 14, and my first transcription attempt was from an LP (or probably a 45) with his “Theme and Variations.” I never got further than the first 30 or 40 bars, but it was my start in a direction that never changed for me: writing. Also, one of the Capitol album covers had a shot of one of Bill’s scores, and that was my first of only very rare “lessons” in voicing and counterpoint.

In a short while, we will release two previously unavailable original works by Bill. The fact that this didn’t happen while Bill was still with us breaks my heart. “Tiburon” was commissioned by me in 1975 for inclusion in a recording of the Stan Kenton Orchestra titled “Kenton ’76.” That music was buried in my files for many years, recently discovered and prepared for publication. “Sweet Spot” was written just a few years ago to feature the late, great Carl Saunders. Both pieces being released posthumously will be dedicated to Bill’s memory.

We might have gone out of business years ago without his music. We are now entering our 48th year of existence and continue to bring you exciting new music from Holman’s fertile mind. We continue to be a one-owner, independent publisher of over 800 available titles.

Bill Holman left an unmatched legacy of beautiful music for us all. I will do my very best to see that his music is available in print for many years to come. I will miss my dear friend very much as will the entire jazz community.

- Bob Curnow

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is HERE at last!

"Any Album featuring Bob Curnow's arrangements and compositions is cause for celebration... Bob Curnow writes for the ages. The musicians in his band play their hearts out, and hiply so." - Peter Erskine, Drummer Extraordinaire

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Track list:
1. Home At Last — composed Steely Dan; arranged Bob Curnow
2. Are You Going With Me? — composed Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays; arranged Bob Curnow
3. Tribute In Time — composed and arranged Don Goodwin, Jr.
4. Connections — composed and arranged Patty Darling
5. Dorian Blue Main Theme — Composed Les Hooper; adapted Bob Curnow
6. Twists and Turns v.2 — composed and arranged Patty Darling
7. Ichiban Blues (for Bob) — composed and arranged Vern Sielert
8. Nimbus — composed Russell Ferrante; arranged Bob Curnow
9. What’s New? — composed Bob Haggart; arranged Bill Holman
10. Hymn To The Gods — composed Philip Raskey; arranged Bob Curnow
11. On The Wing — composed and arranged Patty Darling

All profits from the sale of this CD will be donated to the family of Quindrey Davis-Murphy.

A word from Bob Curnow (starting our 48th year of Sierra Music Publications):

Below you will see a lot of new charts, the “fruits of our labor” over the past three years. Most of these pieces have possibly gone unnoticed due to Covid and the fallout from that pandemic. Now that things have returned somewhat to normal, I hope you can take the time to review this music (sound and sight best done with the YouTube links) and consider what would be attractive to and appropriate for your big bands. There is music written by the masters (Barton, Byers….9 Basie charts, Holman, Maiden, Mathieu, Mays & Metheny, O’Farrill, Roland, Sebesky) and the brilliant contemporary writers on our staff (Darling, DeRosa, Goodwin, Sielert). And don’t miss the Steely Dan chart. Oh yeah, I’ve contributed a few things, too. I hope you enjoy listening. There are still one or two midi demos in the mix (my apologies), but all of the other tracks were either recorded by my big band or the UNT One O’Clock Lab Band. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our toll-free number 1-800-255-6551. Ordering from this website is the fastest way to receive your order. Thank you for your continued support.

- Count Basie Band -

Billy Byers:

At Long Last Love – 5-4-4-4 – $55
Boomerang – 5-4-4-4 – $55
Call Me Irresponsible – 5-4-4-4 – $55
I’ll Get By – 5-4-4-4 – $55
Rabble Rouser – 5-4-4-4 – $55
Shangri-La – 5-4-4-4 – $55
That’s All – 5-4-4-4 – $55
This Love of Mine – 5-4-4-4 – $55
Yuriko – 5-4-4-4 – $55

Chico O’Farrill (arr.):

Baubles, Bangles & Beads – 5-4-4-4 – $55

- Stan Kenton Band -

Dee Barton

The Singing Oyster (Pro) – 5-5-5-4 – $65
The Singing Oyster (Edited) – 5-4-4-4 – $65

Bill Holman (arr.):

What’s New? (Tpt feature for Kenton) – 5-4-4-3 – $55

Gene Roland:

Fitz (Edited by Bob Curnow) – 5-4-4-3 – $50
Mission Trail – 5-4-4-4 – $55
A Night At The Golden Nugget (Pro) – 5-4-4-4 – $55
A Night At The Golden Nugget (Edited) – 5-4-4-4 – $55

- Bob Curnow Band -

Bob Curnow:

The Eighth Miracle – 5-4-4-5 – $80
Eli is Here! – 5-5-4-4 – $50
Have Bass, Will Travel – 5-4-4-4 – $50
Hymn To The Gods – 5-4-4-4 – $55
A Kenton Christmas Revisited – 5-4-4-4 – $65
Keystone Shuffle – 5-4-4-4 – $70

Steely Dan:

Home At Last (arr. Bob Curnow) – 5-4-4-4 – $55

Patty Darling:

Connections – 5-5-4-5 (opt. vibes) – $50
On The Wing – 5-4-4-4 – $65
Twists and Turns V.1 – 5-4-4-4 – $55
Twists and Turns V.2 (Director’s Cut) – 5-4-4-4 – $55

Rich DeRosa:

Fanfare For An Uncommon Man – 5-5-5-4 – $55
It Takes Two To Samba – 5-4-4-4 – $65
We Wish You A Merry Christmas – 5-4-4-4 – $65

The Yellowjackets

Nimbus (arr. Bob Curnow) – 5-4-4-4 – $55

Don Goodwin, Jr.:

Tribute In Time – 5-4-4-4 – $55

Les Hooper:

Dorian Blue Main Theme (arr. Bob Curnow) – 5-4-4-3 – $65

Lyle Mays:

Fash, Fash, Fash – 5-5-4-5 (with vibes) – $65

Pat Metheny/Lyle Mays:

Are You Going With Me? (arr. Bob Curnow) – 5-4-4-4 – $55

Vern Sielert:

Ichiban Blues – 5-5-4-4 – $55

- Maynard Ferguson Band -

Willie Maiden (arr.):

Bossa Nova de Funk (Pro) – 4-4-2-3 – $55
Bossa Nova de Funk (Edited) – 5-4-4-4 – $55
My Foolish Heart (Pro) – 4-4-2-3 – $55
My Foolish Heart (Edited) – 5-4-4-3 – $55

Don Sebesky (arr.):

Take The “A” Train (Edited) – 5-4-4-3 – $65

- UNT One O'Clock Lab Band -

Rich DeRosa:

Fanfare For An Uncommon Man – 5-5-5-4 – $55

Don Dimick (arr.):

The Thrill is Gone – 5-5-5-2 – $55

- Eric Miyashiro -
Trains (Pro) – 5-4-4-4 – $80
Trains (Edited/Concert Version) – 5-4-4-4 – $65

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Geoff Keezer Stan Kenton Hank Levy Willie Maiden Bill Mathieu Lyle Mays
Pat Metheny James Miley Thelonius Monk Gerry Mulligan Oliver Nelson Tommy Newsom
Lennie Niehaus Marty Paich Bill Potts Johnny Richards Shorty Rogers Gene Roland
Ellen Rowe Pete Rugolo William Russo Don Sebesky Vern Sielert Jamey Simmons
Niel Slater Fred Stride Fred Sturm Omar Thomas Ernie Wilkins Ted Wilson

Home At Last - Steely Dan I'll Get By Call Me Irresponsible
Home At Last - Steely Dan
Retail Price: $55.00
I'll Get By
Retail Price: $55.00
Call Me Irresponsible
Retail Price: $55.00
Shangri-La This Love of Mine It Takes Two to Samba – Rich DeRosa
Retail Price: $55.00
This Love of Mine
Retail Price: $55.00
I Get Along Without You Very Well (8 Brass) Baubles, Bangles & Beads - arr. Chico O'Farrill

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